VA – Vinylized Vol​.​6 LP (4mg Records)

Here’s another treat for all the admirers of experimental music. Vinylized represents a special edition curated by 4mg Records, a non-profit label that releases underground electronic music on vinyl and cassettes. Today, I will talk about the sixth edition that gathers names such as Ján Boleslav Kladivo, Troi Boglesseoure, Imiafan, Richard Imrich, Royal Hungarian Noisemakers,… Read More VA – Vinylized Vol​.​6 LP (4mg Records)

Shanyio – Of The Waters / A Apelor CS

Shanyio came a long way from experimental artist to prolific avant-garde composer/multiinstrumentalist. Perhaps this Romanian artist seem like a prolific musician who releases his recordings on a nearly monthly basis, but Shanyio calculates and simultaneously works on several projects at the time. Therefore, it may appear like his albums and collaborations are popping from every… Read More Shanyio – Of The Waters / A Apelor CS

Fixateur Externe – A Fekete Gong CS (Unsigned / Blastbeat Worship)

Here’s another interesting experimental recording, recently released by Unsigned and Blastbeat Worship. Like many other avant-garde outlets, Fixateur Externe are strangers to these pages, and I previously had a chance to review a couple of their releases. Fixateur Externe is more of a collective than a project, mainly because it gathers various Hungarian experimental artists… Read More Fixateur Externe – A Fekete Gong CS (Unsigned / Blastbeat Worship)

RibaStuka – RibatStuka CD (Unsigned Records)

RibaStuka is yet another experimental noise project operated by the individuals who surround Unsigned, a very prolific Hungarian experimental label specialized in avant-garde forms of expression such as ambient, drone, harsh noise, and musique concrete. The experimentations with audio have been done by the members of the bands called L * mbik, Fixateur Externe, and… Read More RibaStuka – RibatStuka CD (Unsigned Records)

K. Henry Dunham – Sol Evocations CD (Silentes Records)

Perhaps Sol Evocations is a debut solo record by Kevin Henry Dunham, but this experienced avant-garde artist is one of the crucial members of Our Lady Of The Flowers and Radish Brothers. Both projects burst almost equal doses of quality ambient noises throughout graciously served experimentations. Sol Evocations presents thirteen hours sound art installment purposely… Read More K. Henry Dunham – Sol Evocations CD (Silentes Records)

Kreysing / Penschuck / Stadlmeier – Re​-​Encypher CD (Attenuation Circuit)

If you paid closer attention to our previous posts about ambient, drone, and noise music, you certainly encountered our reviews about a very distinctive recording label such as Attenuation Circuit. The number of quality avant-garde records on Attenuation Circuit are unquestionably mindblowing, and label owner Sascha Stadlemeir puts a lot of his effort in aesthetics,… Read More Kreysing / Penschuck / Stadlmeier – Re​-​Encypher CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Hedoromeruhen – Airs CD (Attenuation Circuits)

Hedoromeruhen is a Japanese noise duo comprised of Daisuke Ichiba and Yasutoshi Yoshida. They’ve met each other on an exhibition in Berlin in 2012, and they were both stimulated by each other performances, so they’ve determined to start Hedoromeruhen. With Daisuke being a painter and visual artist known as Bijinga, and Yasutoshi being a well… Read More Hedoromeruhen – Airs CD (Attenuation Circuits)

Cao / Keller / Siedl – Modulus Of Resilience CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Modulus Of Resilience is an experimental collaboration album between Cao Thanh Lan, Beat Keller and Gregor Siedl. Their eerie compositions travel beyond standard experimental schematics, these skillful avant-garde artists are bending all the known rules of the genre, so their numbers are reaching towards some new form of contemporary sonic art. The sound comes close… Read More Cao / Keller / Siedl – Modulus Of Resilience CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Chen / Pitcher / Van Nort – One History of Troy LP (Attenuation Circuit)

One History Of Troy is a collaborative full-length record by free improvisation trio comprised of Jonathan Chen, Jefferson Pitcher, and Doug van Nort. However, don’t be misled by the album title, because this trio relates to the town of Troy, located in New York, not the ancient Bronze Age city of Troy. This particular location… Read More Chen / Pitcher / Van Nort – One History of Troy LP (Attenuation Circuit)

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Fixateur Externe – Split CD (Unsigned)

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers are a very active collective of nosicians from Budapest, Hungary and luckily I’ve had a chance to hear them live before. Their experimentations may vary depending on a mood, occasion, space they’re performing or recording, but most importantly, their performances are spontaneous and good. Fixateur Externe is a musique concrete project of Kálmán… Read More Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Fixateur Externe – Split CD (Unsigned)