Fixateur Externe - A Fekete Gong CS - Unsigned / Blastbeat Worship

Fixateur Externe – A Fekete Gong CS (Unsigned / Blastbeat Worship)

Fixateur Externe - A Fekete Gong CS - Unsigned / Blastbeat Worship

Here’s another interesting experimental recording, recently released by Unsigned and Blastbeat Worship. Like many other avant-garde outlets, Fixateur Externe are strangers to these pages, and I previously had a chance to review a couple of their releases. Fixateur Externe is more of a collective than a project, mainly because it gathers various Hungarian experimental artists in one place. Occasionally, you may encounter a couple of guest appearances, but the base remains the same. A Fekete Gong is their latest cassette release that probably gathers more artists and guests than ever before. Most of these tracks were fully improvised during the live appearances and performances, so this material has a much bigger artistic value than the regular studio recording.

This cassette includes five avant-garde experimentations in total. The first three compositions were recorded at the local Hungarian experimental festivals or performances like Havizaj #113, Fekete Zaj Fesztivál and Pokoli Színjáték, Kripta. The other two compositions are more like sound collages, recorded at Wizz Air flight W62217, Tate museum in London, Animal Machine home studio in Croydon and at a local pub in Ipswich. Speaking of genres, most of these experimentations are depending on improvisation, situation and location, so you may stumble upon some musique concrete, free jazz, jazz, experimental acapella, ambient, drone, industrial noise, experimental noise, and harsh noise.

The main portion of the compositions begins with an eerie monologue, dialogue, hysteric screams, shouting, while the beforementioned elements like free jazz, jazz, musique concrete, and ambient are serving as cacophonic background. These artists are operating as a singular organism in so many cases, and you’ll get the feeling like you’re listening to an individual who fully controls these improvisations. The other side of this interesting cassette release involves more synth boxes, electronic manipulations, contact mic improvisations, and other experimentations particularly characteristic for genres such as industrial noise, experimental noise, and harsh noise. Nevertheless, the complete material leans towards more calmy than the aggressive side, but you’ll stumble upon some segments where the noise dominates the most.

A Fekete Gong will be such a treat to all admirers of experimental avant-garde sound, especially to those who’re into musique concrete and free jazz. The cassette comes with an abstract cover artwork that carries all the necessary credits and notes about this release. This release is available on the Unsigned Bandcamp page in both physical and digital form.



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