K. Henry Dunham – Sol Evocations CD (Silentes Records)


Perhaps Sol Evocations is a debut solo record by Kevin Henry Dunham, but this experienced avant-garde artist is one of the crucial members of Our Lady Of The Flowers and Radish Brothers. Both projects burst almost equal doses of quality ambient noises throughout graciously served experimentations. Sol Evocations presents thirteen hours sound art installment purposely recorded at the art show and film festival in Port Huron, Michigan. Kevin accommodated this event with spectacular explorations through infinite sonic complexities. Sol Evocations have been separated in five thought out compositions such as The Dance, The Birth, Geomancy, A Warning, and The War. These cleverly organized numbers have been obtained by solar and ionic samples, Schumann Resonance, field recordings of sacred rites and mythic teachings, lo-fi electronic devices, so the initial sound of Sol Evocations offers compactness through organized auricular chaos. However, this auricular chaos is not necessarily notable at the first listening, because involved instruments have been thoroughly layered until perfection. Being a master in the field, Kevin thoughtfully prepared structures and themes for Sol Evocations. The audio artillery spans over distorted vocals, grimy field recordings, predominant eerie atmospheres, subtle drones, industrial aesthetics, elements of musique concrete, and tremendous virtuosity of classic noise. Dunham proved he’s a dedicated practitioner of the avant-garde craftmanship by embracing the essence of dadaism in these recordings. Sol Evocation transcends both organic and synthetic sounds without being monotonous. Quite the contrary, these aforementioned sonic clashes additionally enhance the substantial sound. Additional things that should be put into consideration are occasional switches between low and high frequencies that serve as accentuations in certain compositions. These accentuations highlight the brilliance of Dunham’s live performance in Tio Gordos Cantina Exotica, which has been separated in smaller sonic clusters to accommodate the audio format. This particular material includes a high percentage of brilliant ideas, loads of experience, and outstanding performance that define the magnificent solo debut album by Kevin Henry Dunham. Sol Evocations have been published on beautiful digipack compact disc by Silentes Records. The album is limited to only 200 copies, so act fast if you’re a fan of complex ambient sounds.



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