Shames – Always Be Honest CD EP (Attractive Records)


Shames made a comeback with their latest recording called Always Be Honest, which guarantees loads of listening pleasures thanks to the creativity of its members. The band began their career in 2001 as Samurider but modified its name to Shames in 2006. These Japanese punk rockers have published their debut full-length entitled Never Trust in 2010, then appeared alongside several artists at High-Speed Flower Vol. 3. Then they’ve emerged on a split release with Fast Motion, and Now Or Never in the same year. Five years later, Shames indulged the fans with another full-length album simplistically called Rebirth. The Shames also appeared on two volumes of Same Old Short tunes in 2016 and 2019. Later in 2019, they provided three songs for Bridging Oceans 4-way split with Bare Teeth, Down Memory Lane, and Nerdlinger. With that being said, Always Be Honest is their latest offering to the wider punk rock audience. This remarkable material contains three brand new compositions and a couple of remastered tracks, previously released on other recordings. Shames furiously start their engines with Better Late Than Ever. The band delivers recognizable signature sounds mainly comprised of enjoyable harmonizations, dominantly precise basslines, and vigorous rhythms. The evolutive process of this distinctive group is hearable right through their magnificent musicianship. Black Sheep is coming up next at the same pace as the previous number, and it is a proper continuation of the previous one. This song includes even catchier choruses, which have been saturated with graciously performed singalongs. Black Sheep definitely outstands with some quality songwriting, distinguished composing, and exceptional performance by the entire band. Break The Parasite commences next, and this singular track has been introduced on an aforementioned split release with Bare Teeth, Down Memory Lane, and Nerdlinger. This amazing song earned a well-deserved remastering treatment, and other than that, it appears exactly the same as before. It articulates in the same direction as preceding compositions, which is an intelligent move by the band. Sneak Out has been earlier issued at Same Old Short Songs Vol.2. This track maintains speed, but also serves as a great transition between Break The Parasite and Fill In The Blanks. Unlike previous numbers, Fill In The Blanks contributes a wondrous closure to this EP by slowing down the pace a little bit. This closing composition is probably the most harmonious number at this recording and includes utterly divine orchestrations. Always Be Honest will satisfy all the fans of expertly executed skate punk sound that levitates between technically precise melodic hardcore, and unbeatable catchiness of pop-punk music. Always Be Honest has been released as a cardboard wallet compact disc by Attractive Records, but you may hear the complete EP at Shames Bandcamp page.

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