Drunktank – The Infamous Four LP (Morning Wood / Sound Speed Records)


Not long ago, Drunktank has celebrated the tenth anniversary since The Infamous Four came out on a compact disc. Their initial release gathered thousands of faithful fans across the globe, and judging by the social media, the number increases each day. To be honest, there’s no wonder since these lads are confident in what they are doing. The band simply nails down with incredibly energetic skate punk tunes, which has been layered with highly addictive metal enhancements. It’s an already proven formula that never ceases to amaze, especially if you’re equally fond of both genres. To serve as a reminder, Drunktank has delivered a following full-length album called Return Of The Infamous Four that goes into even more profound examinations with this particular sound. The Infamous Four earned a well-deserved vinyl treatment in multiple color variants. Besides a deluxe looking original cover artwork, this vinyl version includes a full-color inlay that carries all the required information about the band, thanks list, and lyric sheet. To be more precise, The Infamous Four tenth anniversary vinyl shines in all its glory. Unlike Return Of The Infamous Four, their earlier recording leans towards the melodic hardcore punk sound perpetuated with aesthetics of skate punk music. The complete band provides tremendous musicianship throughout the entire recording. Both guitars are transmitting a wide array of thoughtful shredding installments, complex harmonizations, catchy octave themes, and clever guitar solos. These orchestrations have been drenched in very precise warm sound basslines that fulfill the ambiance with massively rich tones. Nothing would sound compact without extensive support provided by the excellent drumming performance. Drunktank undoubtfully sounds compact throughout the complete recording, mainly because bandmembers feel comfortable with each other while performing. The chosen musical direction provides so much space for various improvisations, therefore the band has loads of room for experimentations with the sound. From clever arrangements and well-defined song structures to a flawlessly executed performance by the whole group, Drunktank nailed with their debut album. The initial plan to reissue this banger is a smart move in my book. Compositions such as We Will Not Survive, Mother Russia, Drown Your Devil, Lady Luck, Gutter, Closer Look, and Last One Standing are among personal favorites, but I am absolutely sure you’ll solely relish in this reissued version of The Infamous Four, mainly because it unquestionably articulates better on vinyl. The Infamous Four has been reissued by Morning Wood Records in Europe and Sound Speed Records in the US. It comes in a couple of color variants such as light lilac (Sound Speed Records exclusive color variant), light blue, standard red (Morning Wood Records exclusive variant), and standard black vinyl. Don’t miss the opportunity to grasp this groundbreaking debut that shapeshifted the recognizable sound of Drunktank.

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