RibaStuka – RibatStuka CD (Unsigned Records)


RibaStuka is yet another experimental noise project operated by the individuals who surround Unsigned, a very prolific Hungarian experimental label specialized in avant-garde forms of expression such as ambient, drone, harsh noise, and musique concrete. The experimentations with audio have been done by the members of the bands called L * mbik, Fixateur Externe, and Royal Hungarian noisemakers: Xpldnglke, Man, Rovar17, Baksa Gaspar and Luca Maller. The only constant artist on each composition is Xabi N, who has written lyrics and provided vocals over these instrumentations, and VlaD who provide a concept and edited by all material. Despite the sheer amount of the artists, RibatStuka still cannot be perceived as a compilation album after considering that each artist gave a personal touch on several compositions. Therefore, RibaStuka can be best described as a collaborative material built up from audio scraps contributed by the vast amount of artists who surround the Unsigned collective. Simplistic compact disc wallet cover artwork hides a comprehensive collection built of a wide array of sonic clusters. These sonic clusters have been gathered into ten avant-garde compositions composed to accommodate a certain atmosphere. Then these compositions have been performed one after another to resemble storytelling but in the sort of minimalistic audio form. RibatStuka includes a load of monologues, dialogues, various narrations on Hungarian languages, which have been layered over eerie ambiance that give chills down the spine. Whatever was the intention of the RibaStuka collective, they certainly nailed to resemble a tremendous horror soundtrack with loads of weird ambient drones. However, these ambient drones are entirely minimal comparing to the portion od dialogue involved in almost every composition. The artists are building a much broader atmosphere as the recording passes by, but still, these building segments are shredded by minimalistic breaches. RibaStuka retains a minimalistic approach throughout the entire recording by gradually shaping up the brighter imagery through a full specter of obscure noises, experimentations with various elements of musique concrete, and loads of multidisciplinary sonic interruptions. Various monologues, dialogues, narrations, and occasional chants are holding on the dominant position throughout the entire record, therefore RibatStuka will suit mostly to the admirers of minimalistic electronic experimentations. The album has been housed in a cardboard compact disc wallet, and it has been published in an edition of 25 copies by Unsigned Records.



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