Noisesculptor - Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD - Unsigned Label

Noisesculptor – Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD (Unsigned Label)

Noisesculptor - Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD - Unsigned Label

To be quite honest, I listened to a decent amount of noise releases over twenty years or so, but I rarely stumbled upon collections and selected works. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying these compilations don’t exist, but for some reason, they’re rare, and noisicians are usually sticking to the recently recorded material. Ordinary Mind Disorders is a collection of hits and remixes by Noisesculptor, a prolific Hungarian experimental noise artist. By saying prolific, I meant countless recordings under his moniker, and it seems he doesn’t have any intentions to stop. I am not sure what Noisesculptor meant by hits because the noise scene doesn’t work that way, so maybe he was poking fun at himself or mocking the scene. Whatever may be the case, this material still stands as a decent cross-section of Noisesculptor’s experimental noise career.

Ordinary Mind Disorders comes on two compact discs. The first CD offers six compositions that represent hits, while the other CD carries six remixes. That makes twelve compositions in total, which maybe is too little to call this release a collection, but believe me, it is more than enough considering durability of the entire material. I have to admit I enjoyed the first compact disc a lot. Noisesculptor builds his sound around ambient, drone, experimental noise, industrial noise, and perhaps you’ll notice some other avant-garde/experimental genres along the way. He handles these styles like a champ, and each composition delivers unique vibes that unquestionably define Noisesculptor’s distinctive sound. The one thing that caught my eye is his understanding of the balance between all these genres and common sense to apply them to the foundations of his project without spoiling the initial sonic aesthetics.

The second compact disc carries six remixes of the compositions presented on the first disc. Six artists/projects gathered for this occasion, such as RibaStuka, Wst’d Signal, Rovar17, Andorkappen, Rauppwar, and Xpldnglke. I am familiar with the majority of these acts, and their careers are equally impressive as Noisescultor’s, but, for some reason, RibaStuka and Wst’d Signal have done the best work with these remixes, in my humble opinion. They gave an entirely new dimension with their remixes but left enough spare room, so you can still notice this is Noisesculptor’s work. However, that doesn’t mean that the remainder of the remixes doesn’t sound good. All these remixes are fine, but for some unexplainable reason, those two done by RibaStuka and Wst’d Signal stand out from the crowd. You should grab this release if you’re into experimental music because it embraces all the best affinities of the beforementioned genres. Still, you should check this recording out even if you’re not a fan of avant-garde music because it could easily be your gateway to possible admiration towards this type of sound. Head over to Unsigned Bandcamp for more information about ordering.




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