Rovar17 – Csonkolt Tündér (Unsigned Records)


Rovar17 has been pretty much active with constant touring, so he took advantage of modern technologies and has recorded almost every live performance under this moniker. Csonkolt Tündér is actually an expanded maxi-single that has been re-issued in 2018. and it contains additional recordings from some aforementioned live performances. Besides previously released material, this expanded cassette release contains Violation Of The Taboo Of The Forbidden Places, which has been recorded live at The Minimum festival, Kultiplex, Budapest in 2005. and Spinned Out The Thread, which is actually a collaboration with Sascha Stadlmeier (AKA Emerge), recorded live at The Villa, Augsburg sometime in 2018. Rovar17 bursts another serving of industrial noise, which has been gradually pervaded by sampled electronics, grimy ambiance, and gritty drones. This longstanding Hungarian noise act offers what his widely known for, a wide array of sound sources manipulated according to the adequate ambiance, mood, audience, and space he’s performing at. One thing is for certain, Rovar17 properly senses all these elements and combines his performance until he reaches out the complete synergy. These recordings span from subtle radio static, and classic noise experimentations to the much broader aggressive side of harsh noise aesthetics. No matter how calm or abrasive Csonkolt Tündér sessions may appear, these graciously distorted manipulations are gradually pervaded with industrial ambiance, drone soundscapes, sound glitches, and a whole specter of various samples. Csonkolt Tündér provides more than a glimpse into the aesthetics of avant-garde sound art. Quite the contrary, this collection of industrially charged soundscapes delivers an ultimate display into the vast universe of this spectacular art form. This particular material will undoubtfully satisfy a much broader radius of sound art admirers who are certainly looking for much expansive sound. Csonkolt Tündér has been published on cassette by Unsigned, a Hungarian recording label mainly specialized in experimental sound forms, but you can also stream this material at the label’s Bandcamp page.

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