Coconut Planters – S/T CD (Flamingo Records)


Coconut Planters are a brand new Italian melodic punk rock quartet that managed to publish a debut self-titled EP on Flamingo Records in a short period. The band is undoubtfully inspired by some Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords, and Burning Heart heavyweights, but they certainly left loads of room for some pretty neat signature moves. One thing is for sure, Coconut Planters are promising lots of great moments right with the first beats of their debut recording. The band entirely relies on very creative guitar progressions, which have been pervaded with interesting basslines and powerful drumming performance. Both guitars are equally polarized, so the massive four-chord progressions are still hearable comparing to the notable themes performed by the lead guitar. The bass guitars nicely fill the gaps between guitars but also wondrously enhances the overall listening experience with rich low-end tones. All these sonic endeavors have been supported by the technically precise drumming segments that are undoubtfully foundations of the Coconut Planters immensely massive sound. This material contains five detailed melodic punk rock compositions that entirely reminiscent the nineties skate punk sound, but it also carries a certain dose of modern pop-punk music that surely cannot be avoided nowadays. These elements of contemporary pop-punk sound are not necessarily a bad thing. Quite the contrary, Coconut Planters are taking all the advantages of this particular subgenre of melodic punk rock, shape it according to their needs, and display it with such graciousness and dynamism. To be more precise, this self-titled debut extended play is more than a good starting point by these Italian punk rockers, and I am positively sure that these skillful musicians are just heating up for what’s yet to come in the future. Their music will undoubtfully suit all the fans of the contemporary melodic skate punk scene, so I highly advise you to grab their debut CD at Flamingo Records Bandcamp page or stream it at some of the streaming services.

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