PMX – Ctrl Alt Del CD


Ctrl Alt Del is the latest album by PMX, a renowned Scottish skate punk band hailing from Perth. The band has become famous because of their highly energetic live performances, and they’re still holding the title for being one of Scotland’s top melodic punk rock bands. Throughout the years, PMX has shared the stage with legendary bands such as Propagandhi, Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, OPM, Anti-Flag… and produced some quality recordings such as Rise And Shine, The Ballad Of Tony Montana, Dark Days and Clochridgestone. Their latest album offers some standard sonic developments, which this quartet gradually added over the years, but also a couple of pleasant surprises that are certainly notable along the way. The entire band sounds more technically advanced than ever before, and the expansion of their musical knowledge is hearable throughout the entire album. Thoughtfully arranged chord progressions, complex riffages, and wondrous thematical sequences are magnificently performed by both guitar players through loads of cleverly arranged dualities. These thematical sequences have been usually performed through the various ultrafast octave themes and a wide array of complex guitar scales. Both guitars have been supported by precisely performed basslines that enhance these guitar progressions with its immensely warm soundscapes. Nothing would sound so compact, stable, and tight without enormously accurate drumming performance that unites all the aforementioned instruments into unified sonic ordnance. This is not just another modern skate punk album that we encounter on social media on an almost daily basis. Quite the opposite, Ctrl Alt Del is a perfectly executed melodic machinery that keeps dynamism throughout twelve cleverly composed numbers that will certainly retain your attention with great musicianship and uncompromising energy. The album has been accompanied by a very detailed illustrated cover artwork that may appear chaotic to some consumers, but it goes great with presented sonic experience. Ctrl Alt Del has been published on a compact disc by a band, but it’s also available on all streaming services, so pick up your weapon of choice and enjoy some quality punk rock music.

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