Vanishing Point – An Answer You Won’t Find 7” (Triple-B Records)


It’s been a while since we posted anything regarding youth crew hardcore, and to be honest, somehow I put one of my favorite subgenres of hardcore aside without any particular reason. The following record I am about to review is an exceptional one because it encapsulates the golden era of youth crew hardcore into four distinctive compositions full of positive messages and uncompromising energy. An Answer You Won’t Find is a debut 7” record by Vanishing Point, Boston based hardcore punk band who are promising a great material with an opening track called Fade. The band bursts loads of ferocious dynamics though 37 seconds, so this song can be also served as some kind of overture to the next compositions. Nevertheless, it’s an amazingly fast track which has been perpetuated with brilliant riffages and an enormous portion of astonishingly arranged singalongs. The band advances in a more moderate tempo with When The Dust Settles. Vanishing Point showcases its slightly melodic side, but still, the band retains great musicianship through powerful palm-muted riffages, arpeggiated chord progressions, and wondrous drumming segments. Coming up next, it’s another mid-tempo number named Of Twelve, which deliberates even more rage than previous tracks. This particular composition has been pervaded with a madly driven tempo, which has been entirely performed over cymbals, so these rhythms are giving even more massiveness to the empowering riffages and magnificently performed basslines. The first beats of Desperate To Be indicate a closure of this brilliant recording, so the band performs another slower number that truly pumps even more energy in the veins with loads of shouting vocals, powerful riffs, brilliant melodic basslines, and energetic drumming. All the compositions have been thoughtfully performed and arranged, so you’ll be positively surprised how Vanishing Point sounds so tight throughout the entire recording. An Answer You Won’t Find has been published on a standard black vinyl by Triple-B Records, but it’s also available for streaming at label’s Bandcamp page.

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