Change – Closer Still LP (Various Labels)

Change is a relatively new youth crew hardcore band from the Pacific Northwest, comprised of some familiar names in the game. The group consists of the musicians who were previously a part of some renowned hardcore bands such as Champion, Betrayed, The First Step, Union Of Faith, Keep It Clear, and Odd Man Out. Considering… Read More Change – Closer Still LP (Various Labels)

Constant Elevation – Freedom Beach 7” (Revelation Records)

If you checked out our pages regularly, you probably stumbled upon our write up about Constant Elevation, a project between Sammy Siegler and Vinnie Caruana. You may know Sammy from his previous incarnations such as Youth Of Today, Judge, Gorilla Biscuits, Side By Side, Project X, Rival Schools, CIV…plus many others. Vinnie mainly dedicated his… Read More Constant Elevation – Freedom Beach 7” (Revelation Records)

Insecurity – Willpower 7” (Straight And Alert / Refuse Records)

Insecurity is a brand new powerful youth crew band comprised of the members of Harm Done, Angry Vets, and Raw Justice. The band has recently published a debut seven inch called Willpower, which has been stacked with nine fierce compositions. This record goes hand in hand with some notable youth crew records, but it possesses… Read More Insecurity – Willpower 7” (Straight And Alert / Refuse Records)

Constant Elevation – S/T 7” (Revelation Records)

Perhaps Constant Elevation is a new hardcore punk act on the contemporary scene, but the members are internationally known for their previous contributions to the worldwide hardcore scene. The line up consists of Sammy Siegler (Youth Of Today, Shelter, Judge, Project X, Rival School, World Be Free..among many others) on drums, and Vinnie Caruana (The… Read More Constant Elevation – S/T 7” (Revelation Records)

Vanishing Point – An Answer You Won’t Find 7” (Triple-B Records)

It’s been a while since we posted anything regarding youth crew hardcore, and to be honest, somehow I put one of my favorite subgenres of hardcore aside without any particular reason. The following record I am about to review is an exceptional one because it encapsulates the golden era of youth crew hardcore into four… Read More Vanishing Point – An Answer You Won’t Find 7” (Triple-B Records)

Bystander ​-​ Where Did We Go Wrong LP (Safe Inside Records)

Bystander is a relatively new project of Greg Bennick, who’s well known for being a vocalist for a Trial, tireless activist for human rights, and perhaps you also caught some of his brilliant motivational spoken words. Beside a drummer Chad Rapper and bassist Shariq Ibriham, both of Decline, they’re bringing back old school hardcore punk… Read More Bystander ​-​ Where Did We Go Wrong LP (Safe Inside Records)