Change – Closer Still LP (Various Labels)

Change - Closer Still LP - Various Labels

Change is a relatively new youth crew hardcore band from the Pacific Northwest, comprised of some familiar names in the game. The group consists of the musicians who were previously a part of some renowned hardcore bands such as Champion, Betrayed, The First Step, Union Of Faith, Keep It Clear, and Odd Man Out. Considering their previous endeavors, you can expect similar sound, but with even more surprises hiding beneath the layers of uncompromising power. Closer Still is their debut full-length record stacked with thirteen profoundly energetic compositions that will undoubtfully leave you speechless.

Change nurtures a technically demanding approach to youth crew hardcore sound, showcased by each involved musician during the entire recording. Their compositions are resembling the sound of eminent names in the genre, such as Uniform Choice, Youth Of Today, Turning Point, Insted, Bold, Sportswear, plus many others. However, it seems that Change includes more technicalities, velocity, and anger that certainly uplifts the overall listening experience on an entirely new level. Besides the highly dynamic approach to the genre, Change also carries an emotional vibe, mainly presented through delicate lyrics. The songs are covering a broad array of themes such as anxiety, depression, coping with a loss, but some of them also talk about relations, friendships, various situations, and circumstances. The author considers every possible option to overcome the current condition, so the urgency in his voice demonstrates the willingness to fight for those changes.

Musicwise, the group brings up some classic youth crew hardcore movements to the table, but also includes loads of surprises that are adding even more entertainment along the way. Guitars are bursting with proficient maneuvers, showcased through various dualities. The rhythm guitar liberates velocious shreds stacked with appealing chord progressions and palm-muted segments. In the meantime, lead guitar fires compelling melodic thematics thoughtfully implemented over the beforementioned guitar shreds. Everything seems well combined, and perhaps these polyphonous acrobatics are an already proven formula tested by a vast portion of the similar bands, but each melody sounds incredibly fresh.

Chunky sounding basslines are serving as a perfect foundation for the mentioned dualities. The bass guitar is equally hearable throughout the complete material, but it doesn’t spoil the ambiance. Quite the contrary, it highlights all the crucial segments of the songs with well-defined low-end tones. Excellent drumming performance carries all the dynamics of the group with profoundly detailed rhythmical structures, thoughtfully assembled accentuations and an enormous amount of breaks. Change appears as a complex mechanism, boosted by incredible dynamics, compelling guitar shreds, and raging vocals. Every single cog in this machinery operates flawlessly. Closer Still is a must for all the fans of pure youth crew hardcore music who are looking for tremendous musicianship and delicate lyrics.

Closer Still is available on vinyl by REACT! Records and Refuse Records. It’s also available at Revelation Records and Deathwish Inc. web stores, and you can grab a cassette edition at Life.Lair.Regret Records. Don’t miss this one out.

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