Heckspoiler – Synthetik Athletik LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Heckspoiler - Synthetik Athletik LP - Noise Appeal Records

Heckspoiler is an interesting Austrian duo that lurks around for a while. Their musical direction can’t be easily defined, but it’s so addictive, so you’ll probably spend some time researching their work. The group previously published three volumes of Cracktickertape EP, each containing six numbers per release. Soon after that, they appeared on a split 7” with Leslie Act Thriller. Then the group took some time off to work on a material for their album that will appear a couple of years later.

Synthetik Athletik represents their debut full-length album stacked with twelve compelling compositions that will keep you entertained for a while. This particular material serves as a comprehensive collection of such diverse genres that are going great all together. The group nurtures such a specific sound that includes all the vital elements of stoner rock, sludge, hardcore punk, but Heckspoiler also flirts with other genres throughout the entire recording. You may hear elements of punk rock, grunge, alternative along the way, but more as appropriate accentuations. Heckspoiler took advantage of each beforementioned genre and creates such a unique material that will suit a broader auditorium. Considering that the band sticks to virtuosities showcased on bass guitar and rhythmical acrobatics performed on drums, Synthetik Athletik bursts with a relentless dynamics during the complete album. These numbers are composed to accommodate the capabilities of both instruments, but the sound is so dense, rich, and powerful.

Thoughtfully arranged basslines are absorbing all the distortion, but the melodies are more than hearable during the album. High gain distortion overflows the complete ambiance with a nearly fuzzy sound that, in so many cases, justifies the lack of any other instrument. These melodies are exploring endless possibilities, but the presence of hardcore punk and stoner rock elements are probably the most hearable, especially on the slower parts. The excellent drumming performance carries the dynamics of Heckpoiler, but also provides loads of delightful moments through cleverly arranged rhythmical acrobatics. The constant splashing over the cymbals certainly enhances the overall listening experience, but it also gives more noisy aesthetics to their sound. Sporadical guitar solos at some compositions are mainly serving as decorations, while the primary focus remains on the bass guitar and drums. Vocals are ranging from classic hardcore punk shoutouts to stoner rock chants. There are also some high-pitched vocal maneuvers at certain moments that are giving a sense of humor to this particular material.

Considering both visual and sonic appearances, Heckspoiler are having the best time of their lives. They’re implementing healthy dosages of humor over profoundly energetic music, and the visual appearance helps them out to convey their message. Synthetic Athletik is the right choice for you if you’re into high gain driven basslines powered by maniacal rhythmical machinery. The album comes on purple vinyl accommodated by visually appealing cover artwork. The cover artwork includes a photo of Heckpoiler on the front and tracklist info on the back. The printed inner sleeve carries all the necessary information about the album. Synthetic Athletic is available for purchase at Noise Appeal Records, a record label from Austria with loads of great artists on their roster. Head over to their web store and treat yourself with some great music.

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