Territories – When The Day Is Done CD EP (Pirates Press)

Territories - When The Day Is Done CD EP - Pirates Press Records

Territories are a punk rock quartet commencing from Calgary, Alberta. The band started in 2015 when four friends reunited to perform sincere punk rock music to the broader audiences. All four members were previously involved in Knucklehead, a western Canadian group that has been around since 1994 and left behind an impressive discography after twenty years of existence. The second incarnation was a logical decision, and Territories certainly showcase the musical development of these musicians. Since their formation, these talented musicians published a debut self-titled full-length album, and a dozen of single-sided 5” and 7” Flexi records. Considering their work ethic and presence of continuous quality, Territories deserve a lot of respect.

When This Day Is Done represents a mini-album comprised of six compelling songs that serve as a proper continuation to their self-titled debut. Unlike Knucklehead, who were famous for their slightly abrasive approach to punk rock, Territories are more into writing engaging tunes that will remain spinning on your turntable for a while. There’s something about their compositions that keeps them memorable, and that probably has to deal with the tremendous composing skills and musicianship of the entire band. Each number engages with the consumers through the profoundly melodic chord progressions that are leaving the permanent impact on the listening apparatus. Thoughtfully arranged melodic leads are layering these chord sequences with even more melodies, but they’re delicate enough not to spoil the structures of the songs. Quite the contrary, both guitars are going hand in hand throughout the entire recording.

The rhythm section supports everything up in the background with appropriate basslines and rhythmical maneuvers. This particular type of music demands enormous accuracy, so the complete rhythm section operates in that manner. The lead vocals are the heart and soul of this band, and the soulful approach gives more depth to the melodic sound of the Territories. On the other hand, powerful singalongs are leaving that anthemic feel, which is quite common among bands who’re nurturing this type of punk rock sound. Soundwise, Territories have so much in common with the groups such as The Business, Cock Sparrer, The Clash, or Stiff Little Fingers. However, their music is even more melodic, soulful, and engaging, which is so characteristic for similar bands coming from the United States and Canada.

When This Day Is Done could easily be your next big thing if you give Territories a chance. If you’re already familiar with their sound, you’ll love them even more. Their qualities are immeasurable, mainly because of their composing and writing skills. These guys know how to write engaging punk rock songs that will remain fresh for years, and decades of performing punk rock music are leaving their mark on this material. When This Day Is Done comes on a 10” vinyl record, compact disc, and at all streaming services. The vinyl is available on plain white or standard black, while the compact disc comes with a special CD playable on a turntable. Head over to Pirates Press Records web store for more detailed info about ordering.

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