Insecurity – Willpower 7” (Straight And Alert / Refuse Records)


Insecurity is a brand new powerful youth crew band comprised of the members of Harm Done, Angry Vets, and Raw Justice. The band has recently published a debut seven inch called Willpower, which has been stacked with nine fierce compositions. This record goes hand in hand with some notable youth crew records, but it possesses a much more aggressive approach to the genre. Insecurity wisely incorporates fundamentals of youth crew movement with blistering rhythms that almost defy laws of velocity. These fast-paced drumming performances have been immersed in layers of recognizable guitar shreddings that reminiscent both the eighties and nineties era of the genre. Insecurity relies on the already proven formula of four-chord progressions, but brilliant arrangements are enhancing the overall listening experience. Slightly distorted basslines serve as an adhesive substance that unifies remaining instruments altogether. Lead vocals maintain ferociousness of the band, and they unquestionably enhance the furious riffages throughout the record. These hardcore punk numbers have been thoughtfully composed to evoke the golden era for this particular genre, and the entire group operates as a singular living organism. Even the production appears to be intentionally sullied with layers of noise to accommodate certain old school hardcore atmosphere. If you’re looking for a more precise description of their music, Insecurity can be associated with the bands such as The First Step, Mindset, True Colors, Youth Of Today, Insted, Straight Ahead, Bold and Turning Point. These French youth crew shredders are going back to basics by delivering a straightforward approach to the roots of the genre. Willpower contributes a very detailed retrospective youth crew hardcore sound that the contemporary scene required the most. This material has been accompanied by a significant visual identity that portrays moshers breaking the chains that surrounds them. Willpower bestows the unyielding power of individuals in their struggle for freedom, and this record undoubtfully preaches the idea both visually and sonically. This magnificent debut record has been published by Straight And Alert Records and Refuse Records. Head over to their websites and support the work of this amazing hardcore punk band.

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