Be Well – S/T 7” (Equal Vision Records)


Be Well is a new group formed by familiar faces who contributed numerous hardcore punk classics over the years. The band consists of Brian McTernan (Battery, Ashes, Biology, and Miltown), Mike Schleibaum (Battery, Darkest Hour, Beasts Of No Nation, and Mancake), Aaron Dalbec (Bane, Converge, Ten Yard Fight, Only Crime, Daltonic, and Velocity Engine), Peter Tsouras, and Shane Johnson (both from Fairweather). Considering their previous involvement on the scene, Be Well has almost instantly announced and published a debut self-titled 7” record. This material includes a straightforward melodic approach to hardcore music saturated with profoundly emotive lyrics that resemble earlier DC scene. Strength To Breathe initiates this brilliant 7” record with a colossal sonic slap. The band offers over two minutes of refined hardcore shreddings, which has been diffused with a dynamic drumming performance. Constant guitar dualities are accommodating gracious melodic harmonies throughout the entire composition. However, guitar fragments have been thoughtfully designed to retain ferociousness and dynamics within the song. Strength To Breathe evokes the sound of Battery, but with a more melodic approach, especially notable on the powerful choruses. Guitars have been continuously soaked with precisely executed basslines that certainly accommodate more massiveness to this particular composition. This number talks about spending a lifetime by dealing with depression and anxiety. McTernan has placed his heart and soul into this track, and his vocal performance transmits a strong sense of sincerity. Frozen commences on the other side of the plastic, and this track presents a calmer ambiance than the previous number. It remits a dominant emotive atmosphere through meaningful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and magnificent rhythmical sequences. McTernan possesses such marvelous writing skills, so his lyrics seem to be heartbreaking but hopeful at the same time. His abilities to conduct a glimmer of hope through the constant presence of bitterness are simply amazing. This particular number firmly recalls the distinctive sound of Shelter, but Be Well produces even more complexity in their orchestrations. The group is heavily inspired by bands such as Battery, Shelter, Better Than A Thousand, Embrace, Rites Of Spring, and other prominent bands that emerged from the eighties and nineties melodic hardcore scene. Still, Be Well elevates this particular genre to another level by exceptional musicianship. This 7” has been published by Equal Vision Records, and it’s available in various color variants such as orange crush, electric blue, mint, gold, and yellow. Pick your favorite one and enjoy this magnificent melodic hardcore band.

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