Constant Elevation – Freedom Beach 7” (Revelation Records)

Constant Elevation - Freedom Beach 7'' - Revelation Records

If you checked out our pages regularly, you probably stumbled upon our write up about Constant Elevation, a project between Sammy Siegler and Vinnie Caruana. You may know Sammy from his previous incarnations such as Youth Of Today, Judge, Gorilla Biscuits, Side By Side, Project X, Rival Schools, CIV…plus many others. Vinnie mainly dedicated his music career to I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife, and Head Automatica. We previously covered their debut self-titled 7” record, comprised of three remarkable compositions that gave us a small glimpse of what we might expect from them in the future. Therefore, the hardcore community awaited the new material with great anticipation.

Luckily for us, we didn’t wait for so long. The duo decided to record a brand new recording in less than a year after the debut, including four brand new tunes that serve as a proper continuation to their previous material. This time, it seems that Constant Elevation paid a lot more attention to the details. These numbers are thoughtfully structured and arranged to satisfy even the pickiest fans of profoundly dynamic youth crew hardcore. Freedom Beach commences with I Love You And I Never Want You To Die, such an interesting tune that serves more as an introductory sequence to the remaining portion of the songs. It includes various manipulations with the sound and chaotic strumming over the guitar strings. These maneuvers resulted in a chaotic maelstrom that transits into a typical fastcore number, stacked with maniacally fast rhythmical acrobatics and appropriate guitar shreds. This piece transcends into a more youth crew oriented composition named Krs Two. Constant Elevation spent some time searching for an adequate sound that will define their musical direction, so this particular number sums up what this duo strives to achieve through their music. It’s a brilliant mash-up of both melodic hardcore and youth crew that unquestionably defines this outlet.

Bob X. Cursion begins on the other side of this remarkable piece of plastic. This particular track continues at the same pace and showcases the definitive course of this skilled duo. It seems this song is even more detailed, layered, aggressive than a previous one. The complete number includes perfectly structured verses, pre-chorus, and chorus, separated by dynamic breaks. Both guitars unveil generous dosages of energy through melodic guitar shreddings. Vocals are leading through the entire composition, while the enthralling singalongs are adding a bit more flavor to the overall listening experience. Such a perfect tune that ends up with a classic half-time hardcore punk sequence, stacked with relentless energy. Constant Elevation decided to close this material with Freedom Beach, a compelling youth crew hardcore number. This track offers a simplified perspective on this characteristic genre, but still, it retains quite interesting arrangements full of surprises. Nevertheless, it leaves a bit of an impression that Freedom Beach ended too soon.

Perhaps this material needed a couple of more songs to leave a much better impression, but it’s still a damn fine 7” that includes dozen of entertaining moments. Freedom Beach will especially surprise admirers of both melodic and youth crew hardcore who are looking out for quite interesting arrangments and intelligently composed hardcore punk music. Freedom Beach is available through various thrilling bundles or separately on lilac-grey splatter vinyl. Head over to Revelation Records and treat yourself.

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