Since We Were Kids - Break From Life LP - Irish Voodoo Records

Since We Were Kids – Break From Life LP (Irish Voodoo Records)

Since We Were Kids - Break From Life LP - Irish Voodoo Records

Break From Life is a brand new album by Since We Were Kids, a melodic hardcore punk group from Fullerton, California. Previously, the group released a couple of interesting recordings such as Skatecore 7”, a debut full-length Hard Cement No Regrets, and a Flexi 7” named Pool Dust Demo. Since We Were Kids formed when the old friends, who grew up skateboarding and listening to punk rock together, gathered intending to provide their version of a perfected soundtrack for skateboarding sessions. Judging by their earlier works, Since We Were Kids achieved their aims right from the start, and their later recordings are going through the evolutive process.

Break From Life showcases the musical development of the group through thirteen compelling melodic hardcore compositions. Perhaps their music can be best described as melodic hardcore, but there’s a lot more going on this record. Besides highly energetic guitar riffages that are dominating during the entire album, Since We Were Kids are also leaning towards the melodic side, so characteristic for the nineties skate punk scene. The group considers endless possibilities, examines both hardcore punk and skate punk sound, injects even more dynamics, and goes with the flow. You’ll notice a strong resemblance with modern melodic hardcore groups that gives a special note to the band. However, Since We Were Kids also explore the nineties skate punk and eighties crossover thrash.

At some moments, Since We Were Kids resemble of the greats such as Poison Idea, RKL, Municipal Waste, mainly because of the enormously tight guitar shreds implemented throughout the entire recording. Still, there are also similarities with groups like 98 Mute, Pennywise, Model American, Chaser, Good Riddance, Strung Out, No Use For A Name because of significant amounts of polyphonous technicalities incorporated along the way. The song structures and arrangements are cleverly combined, so the complete Break From Life offers loads of entertainment. A vast portion of the songs deals with their passion for skateboarding. Nevertheless, Since We Were Kids also deal with various situations, circumstances, friendships, and some other standard topics for this particular genre.

This album erases the separation line between the genres and represents brilliant crossover material that will suit admirers of hardcore punk, skate punk, and thrash metal sound. The record comes with a meaningful photo of skateboarders hanging in the background beside the pool. Characteristic imagery that reminiscent the eighties era when skateboarding become heavily favored among the crowd. Break From Life comes on a limited edition splatter vinyl by Irish Voodoo Records, but you can also check out the entire album at Bandcamp or Spotify.




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