Get A Grip – United Fight EP 12” (Criminal Records)

Today, I would like to introduce a powerful hardcore punk quartet that keeps spinning on my record player for weeks. Get A Grip comes from Tucson, Arizona, and this interesting outlet showcases more than the same old hardcore maneuvers on their recordings. Since their formation, the group released a couple of releases, such as the… Read More Get A Grip – United Fight EP 12” (Criminal Records)

Choice To Make – Vicious Existence 7” (Flatspot Records)

Today, I’ll talk about one of those records that went under my radar during 2020. Vicious Existence is a debut extended play by Choice To Make, a hardcore quintet that shares members from Wilkes Barre and Scranton, Pennsylvania. Choice To Make previously released a demo 7” in 2018 and a promo cassette EP in 2019.… Read More Choice To Make – Vicious Existence 7” (Flatspot Records)

Since We Were Kids – Break From Life LP (Irish Voodoo Records)

Break From Life is a brand new album by Since We Were Kids, a melodic hardcore punk group from Fullerton, California. Previously, the group released a couple of interesting recordings such as Skatecore 7”, a debut full-length Hard Cement No Regrets, and a Flexi 7” named Pool Dust Demo. Since We Were Kids formed when… Read More Since We Were Kids – Break From Life LP (Irish Voodoo Records)

Arctic Horror – Cages EP

The current trend of bands nurturing metal aesthetics over the ferocious hardcore punk is on the rise. These particular combinations are unavoidable, especially if you’re knee-deep into the contemporary crust punk scene. Besides popular brews such as blackened crust, death crust, and neo-crust, newer groups also produce gracious portions of old school thrash metal elements… Read More Arctic Horror – Cages EP

Overcharge – Metalpunx LP (Various Labels)

Overcharge has been pretty much active since its formation in 2012. The determination of this intense Italian rock’n’roll charged d-beat trio resulted in impressive discography, mainly comprised of self-titled promo recording, debut full-length album Accelerate, following recording such as critically acclaimed Speedsick, and Electric Reaper EP. Overcharge traveled a long road since their formation in… Read More Overcharge – Metalpunx LP (Various Labels)

Loose Nukes – Cult Leaders LP (Mutant Sounds Records)

Despite the situation with the global crisis caused by pandemic, 2020 looks promising for hardcore punk music. You can stumble upon on piles of the great new releases by promising upcoming bands, who are using already proven formula to satisfy the hunger of the tireless underground scene. These kinds of circumstances were always the fertile… Read More Loose Nukes – Cult Leaders LP (Mutant Sounds Records)

Mindforce – Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords 12″ EP (Triple B Records)

These guys are no strangers to our blog. We previously had a chance to review their full-length debut called Excalibur, an intense hardcore record that entirely goes beyond the genre. This Poughkeepsie, NY based group combines incredible musicianship with highly driven crossover thrash shreddings, but the essence of their music lays down in hardcore roots.… Read More Mindforce – Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords 12″ EP (Triple B Records)

Drain – California Cursed LP (Revelation Records)

Santa Cruz heavyweights Drain are delivering another masterpiece through a ferocious brand new record called California Cursed. This straight edge band has been formed in 2014 and never ceased to amaze those who are looking out for a more than simplified hardcore music. The group has produced some incredible recordings so far, and their current… Read More Drain – California Cursed LP (Revelation Records)

The Phosphorus Bombs – …Against You! EP

The Phosphorus Bombs are present on the Australian punk rock scene for a while and their brand new EP takes us to the golden era when skate punk music meant to be so much more than guitar progressions, math basslines, and hectic drumming. It’s not like these Australian punk rockers are bypassing any numerous technicalities… Read More The Phosphorus Bombs – …Against You! EP