DEN!ED – The Darkest Timeline EP


DEN!ED is a melodic skate punk trio that’s coming all the way from Brussels, Belgium. The band has been established a couple of years ago, and they already managed to publish their first self-titled recordings in a form of EP back in 2018. The band unquestionably doesn’t waste any time, so they published a second EP record called The Darkest Timeline during February this year. The Darkest Timeline contains a proper continuation of their previous recording shaped up in six powerful melodic punk rock compositions that certainly cherish the nineties skate punk scene, but with slightly polished production characteristic for the contemporary scene. However, they’re taking the best from both worlds, and DEN!ED has been heavily influenced by skate punk heavyweights such as No Fun At All, No Use For A Name, Satanic Surfers, Pennywise, Adhesive, but also rely on various technicalities mainly showcased by some contemporaries such as Drunktank, Adrenalized, A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Much The Same…etc. Besides this predominant accent on memorable melodic themes, DEN!ED incorporates lots of elements of ferocious hardcore punk music onto foundations of skate punk, mainly showcased through wondrously performed drumming sequences. Massive clean sounding basslines are acting as adhesive, which binds magnificent guitar parts and impressive drumming into the singular entity. DENI!ED unquestionably upholds lots of dynamics in their notable compositions, and I admire how these creative individuals have explored every sphere of musicianship intending to arrange these compositions to absolute perfection. This comprehensive collection of heavy skate punk anthems has been enhanced by glorious cover artwork. The artwork depicts a character similar to Silver Surfer, that carries the weight of the world. Such a meaningful visual addition that certainly highlights sonic weaponry of the band, but also points fingers on current worldwide socio-political issues. The Darkest Timeline has been published on Bandcamp, but you can stream it at other streaming services as well.

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