Envy – The Fallen Crimson DLP (Temporary Residence Limited / Pelagic Records / Sonzai Records)


The Japanese post-hardcore/metalcore legends are back with their latest album called The Fallen Crimson. Envy has been a crucial band on the Japanese scene, and presumably the initial one to encompass immense currents of post-hardcore music, which certainly seemed fresh at the beginning of the nineties. This specific subgenre of hardcore punk was unquestionably an increasing inclination back then, so Envy suitably took advantage of it, mold it up to their likeness, and has created a mindblowing combination of unlimited power and expansive creativity. After numerous recordings, secluded, and artistic conflicts within the band, Envy has determined to take a five-year break from everything, and focus their lives on other projects, or simply revive batteries for what’s about to come next. This five-year hiatus resulted in The Fallen Crimson, a powerful comeback album that pretty much encompasses three decades of the band that still has so much to offer to the wider audience. The band has decided to pack this material with nothing but sheer energy, magnificent arrangements, and undoubtfully splendid ideas that will force you to entirely appreciate this absolute post-hardcore classic repeatedly over and over again. The Fallen Crimson delivers eleven amazing compositions thoroughly stacked with conventional progressive harmonizations, building sequences, wondrous rhythmical segments, and a wide array of emotions transcended through powerful vocal capabilities of the Envy’s brand new leading vocalist. Besides their renowned version of utterly executed post-hardcore, the band also explores the vast universe of metalcore, screamo, post-rock, post-metal, shoegaze, jazz, indie, but still, their highly intelligent music somehow declares uniqueness through wondrous musicianship. The Fallen Crimson retains a cinematic or should I say atmospheric feel throughout the entire recording, each composition has each own notable moments. Envy encapsulates all aforementioned genres into an unexplainable singular momentum that bursts enormous servings of sacral melodies throughout loads of dynamics and thoughtful arrangements. The Fallen Crimson has been published as a double vinyl record by a couple of recording labels such as Temporary Residence Limited (USA), Pelagic Records (Germany) and Sonzai Records (Japan), so I highly advise you to grab this wondrous piece of plastic and enhance your record collection with some magnificent post-hardcore music.


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