TV Generation & The Sinema – Live at Uncle Lou’s, Orlando FL 7″ (DCxPC Live Vol. 2)

DCxPC strikes back with another volume of the live split releases. I had an opportunity to write about the first edition, so the DCxPC decided to send a second volume for review. For those who somehow missed my previous review, DCxPC was one of the first ones who adapted live streams during the pandemics, but… Read More TV Generation & The Sinema – Live at Uncle Lou’s, Orlando FL 7″ (DCxPC Live Vol. 2)

Death Of Youth – Some Demons Never Die CD (Various Labels)

Death Of Youth are familiar faces in the underground circles and certainly not strangers to these pages. I previously wrote an article about their earlier recording Suburban Dystopia, released ona 10″ vinyl record a while ago by Engineer Records. This time, Engineer Records teamed up with Sonicslap Records and Disillusioned Records to release a collection… Read More Death Of Youth – Some Demons Never Die CD (Various Labels)

Outside – Green In You LP (Head2Wall Records)

Outside are back with another full-length recording that will surprise fans of post-hardcore with a slightly different approach to this specific genre. It’s been a while since this Northwest Ohio based trio released their self-titled full-length album, published by Clegg Records and Time Will Tell Records. Nevertheless, the band bursts with such specific energy since… Read More Outside – Green In You LP (Head2Wall Records)

Regrowth – Lungs CD (Various Labels)

Lungs is a debut full-length recording by an astounding Sardinian melodic hardcore group Regrowth that popped out in my mailbox today. Judging by the visual aesthetics and album title, I can only assume that the group is embracing current anxieties caused by the pandemic, which rapidly struck upon the entire Apennine peninsula. The visual identity… Read More Regrowth – Lungs CD (Various Labels)

Bobby Singer – Salvation LP (Various Labels)

Bobby Singer is a one-man emotional post-hardcore band emanating from Limoges, France. The band carries the name of the Supernatural character Bobby Singer but is not associated nor thematically carries the storyline of the series. Everything from musical performance on all the involved instruments to the production and mastering is done by Olivier, who’s also… Read More Bobby Singer – Salvation LP (Various Labels)

The Fall Of Troy – Mukiltearth LP (Big Scary Monsters)

The Fall Of Troy is a longstanding post-hardcore trio from Mukilteo, Washington. The group has it’s ups and downs since their formation in 2002, but the trio always delivered top-notch recordings to the broader auditorium. So far, they published records such as a debut self-titled full-length album, Doppelgänger, Ghostship Demos EP, Manipulator, Phantom On The… Read More The Fall Of Troy – Mukiltearth LP (Big Scary Monsters)

Amalia Bloom – Maiden Voyage CD (Engineer Records)

Amalia Bloom originates from Vicenza, and Maiden Voyage is one of their latest offerings to the broader audience. This Italian emotive post-hardcore quintet has been active for a while, paving their way to the top with a profoundly melodic, but yet delicate approach to the genre. The group worked hard since the formation at the… Read More Amalia Bloom – Maiden Voyage CD (Engineer Records)