Solarminds – Her Spirit Cracked The Sky LP (Mind Altering Records)

Solarminds are roaming the scene for quite a while, and their unstoppable creativity creates wonders on each subsequent album. Since their formation in 2001, the group took a particular direction that evolved for two decades, so their music only becomes more meaningful, deep, and detailed with time. No matter if you ever stumbled upon their… Read More Solarminds – Her Spirit Cracked The Sky LP (Mind Altering Records)

Toru – Toru CD EP (Various Labels)

Toru is an outstanding French trio that recently released a debut material on both vinyl and compact disc. The group consists of Nicolas Brisset on drums and tambourine, Héloïse Francesconi on guitar, and Arthur Arsenne on another guitar. These bandmembers also provide additional noises throughout the entire material. Their sonic articulations are going far beyond… Read More Toru – Toru CD EP (Various Labels)

Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)

Qoniak is an experimental electronic duo comprised of Vincent Membrez and Lionel Friedli. The group explores so many musical spheres that it’s so difficult to grasp their music in just one listening. This duo bases its sound on vintage analog machines, profoundly detailed synthesis, and a comprehensive collection of complex rhythmical maneuvers. The highly intelligent… Read More Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)