The Slackers – Blue 7” (Pirates Press Records)

The Slackers are proudly keeping the flame of ska music alive since their formation in 1991. This prolific Manhattan, NYC based orchestra is keeping it busy with an exceptional quality being present throughout their entire discography. Their specific blend of ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, soul, garage rock, and jazz is the main attribute that settles… Read More The Slackers – Blue 7” (Pirates Press Records)

Junglelyd – S/T LP (Sounds of Subterrania)

Junglelyd is a Danish electronic quintet heavily inspired by some unique genres that shaped modern Latino music for quite a while. Firstly, this very distinctive group has started as a solo outlet of Kenneth Rasmussen, Danish DJ (also a member of Mantra Soundsystem), who aimed to interpret contemporary outlook of southern American electronic music. With… Read More Junglelyd – S/T LP (Sounds of Subterrania)

Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)

Hightime is an amazing mashup of various genres coming from Adelaide, Australia. Thrive is their brand new 7” record that has been announced on the social media a while ago. By mashup, I mean tons of well-incorporated influences ranging from highly addictive fundamentals of melodic skate punk and jazz to perfectly arranged elements of reggae… Read More Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)

Bamwise – Soundproof LP (PDV Records)

Bamwise is an electronically fueled dub group originating from Zagreb, Croatia. Formed in 2007, these skillful musicians gathered by a mutual appreciation and admiration for electro dub music. The group combines three synthesizers, a rhythm machine, bass guitar, guitar, vocals, but they’re also incorporating video and sound effects with an aim to enhance the overall… Read More Bamwise – Soundproof LP (PDV Records)