Resaka Sonora - Frekuenzia CD - Fire And Flames Music

Resaka Sonora – Frekuenzia CD (Fire And Flames Music)

Here’s another tremendous music release from a recent Fire And Flames Music batch. I rarely have a chance to write reviews for ska bands, but those politically charged ska-punk bands are even rarer on our pages. Still, when releases like these arrive at our headquarters, they always sound incredible. That’s the case with this most advanced full-length by Resaka Sonora. For those who aren’t familiar with this group, Resaka Sonora is a ska-punk group that comes from Bordeaux, France. The group nurtures revolutionary, solidaristic, internationalist ethos, so besides ear-appealing music, their compositions also carry a very important message. Besides Frekuenzia, Resaka Sonora also released another album called Buenaventura. Therefore, Frekuenzia is their second full-length recording that deserves your utmost attention if you’re into perfectly executed ska-punk sound.

Frekuenzia carries twelve marvelous ska-punk compositions, cleverly assembled to satisfy even the pickiest fans of this particular genre. Still, Resaka Sonora are wise enough not to repeat the same old story, which is more than a common mistake among contemporary ska bands. Quite the contrary, their music sounds fresh, unique, diverse, cheerful, but with an important message enclosed within these twelve songs. Besides vividly hearable dominance of ska music, you may notice some other complementary ingredients like reggae, dub, dancehall, but also some heavier like rock’n’roll, streetpunk, and Oi! working in harmony during the album. Their tunes continuously levitate between all these elements, but the music doesn’t sound repetitious at all. You could spin this material all the time and still feel entertained to the max. There are just a few bands on a ska scene who can brag with that fact.

Still, Resaka Sonora went even further by implementing several languages during the album. There are tunes sung in French, Spanish, and Italian. Resaka Sonora wanted to spice things up even more and showcase their international spirit with their potential listeners. The lyrics cover revolutionary historical events dating from 1921 to the present day, so Frekuenzia also contains an educational element. It appears as a more than necessary history literature in times when society needs a change the most. Frekuenzia will be such a treat to those punk rockers who’re nurturing revolutionary ideas, but also to those who want to learn something more about it. Just add classic ska chord chops, reasonably distorted riffs, excellent brass section themes, and energetic rhythm section, and you got yourself an exceptional ska-punk record that unquestionably deserves your attention. Frekuenzia comes on vinyl, compact disc, and digital, so head over to Fire And Flames Music for more detailed information about ordering.




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