Bones In Butter Premieres A Brand New Single

Bones In Butter

Bones In Butter are returning with another tremendous single named This Is Not What You Promised Us. Judging by the sound, this Belgrade post-punk group is on a winning steak. Whenever they publish a new song, you always expect the exact sound, but Bones In Butter pushes the boundaries of post-punk even further. With great assurance, we can easily state this is one of the best contemporary post-punk bands coming from the Balkans because their creativity is limitless. Bones In Butter choose a path rarely picked by the modern post-punk groups, paved by uncertainty about how the broader auditorium will react, but there lays the beauty of this Belgrade post-punk band.

If you ever paid attention to our blog, you probably noticed the series of posts about the latest singles by Bones In Butter. Each single offers an entirely new listening experience, and that’s also the case with This Is Not What You Promised Us. Bones In Butter explore the same genres as before, but they’re pushing the boundaries of post-punk, exploring even further, and daring to implement even more elements into their profoundly complex music. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk sound, you may notice how psychedelic rock interacts with post-rock, alternative, indie, cold wave, and new wave. The composition delivers a cathartic, soothing, hypnotic listening experience that will indulge both old and new admirers of post-punk sound. This Is Not What You Promised Us is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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