The Cookie Jar Complot - Sweet Dreams

The Cookie Jar Complot Released A Brand New Single

The Cookie Jar Complot

Sweet Dreams is the latest single by Luxembourg math-rock duo The Cookie Jar Complot. The group continues to amaze with cleverly arranged virtuosities, progressive themes, and perfectly structured segments. What starts as a simplistic, minimalistic theme suddenly becomes a complex overture for what’s about to come next. The Cookie Jar Complot offers a calmy break and then leans towards a more aggressive approach to the same music genre. The duo tends to build a dreamy atmosphere where the main focus is on guitar progressions and cleverly assembled basslines, but the rhythm section also offers some impressive movements from scratch to finish.

Besides the sheer dominance of math rock, The Cookie Jar Complot explores complementary ingredients, such as progressive rock, post-rock, alternative rock, and indie rock, cinematic ambient. Still, you may stumble upon some other genres along the way as well. Therefore, Sweet Dreams offers plenty of sonic delicacies housed within almost four minutes. The beauty of this composition hides in brilliant ideas and impressive musicianship, a sense of balance between calm and aggressive segments. You’ll be blown away by their melodies, harmonies, and progressive approach to ear-appealing music. Sweet Dreams is available on streaming platforms.






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