Flying Vipers w/ Johnny Clarke – Highest Region 7” (Music ADD / Jump Up Records)

Flying Vipers w/ Johnny Clarke - Highest Region 7'' (Music ADD / Jump Up Records)

Flying Vipers are one of the best contemporary dub acts out there. Their knowledge of writing, composing, arranging relaxing reggae/dub numbers goes beyond comprehension in numerous cases. Even if you put all those qualities aside, there’s still an enormous understanding of finenesses by these experienced musicians, which is not hearable on the records of the contemporary artists. We’re talking about the musicians involved in the scene for decades practicing in the musical spheres such as reggae, dub, afrobeat, funk, soul, ethiojazz, jazz, rhythm, and blues. Therefore, their musical skills are vividly hearable throughout all their incarnations that are shaping the Music ADD as a collective and subcultural platform.

There’s something special about Flying Vipers that defines them as a top-notch band. Sure, their musical experience, knowledge, talent, sense for composing appealing dub numbers are some of the qualities, but there are always more details that are lurking somewhere beneath the surface. Unlike the vast majority of contemporaries, Flying Vipers are leaning towards the vintage-sounding dub music, so characteristic for the early seventies. The group purposely or un-purposely mimics the sound of heavyweights of the genre such as Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, Errol Thompson, Keith Hudson, Mad Professor, Jah Shaka, Scientist, Dub Syndicate, and other similar artists.

This time, Flying Vipers teamed up with Johnny Clarke, who’s one of the originators of the genre. Johnny Clarke is famous for his impressive discography, counting almost thirty recordings under the belt since his first appearance in 1971. His initial recordings are produced by legendary Bunny Lee and still represent a treat for the collectors of reggae/dub music all over the world. This particular 7” offers that recognizable vintage-sounding ambiance housed on the old school dub records, decorated with contemporary production technics to deliver all the qualities of both Johnny Clarke and Flying Vipers. The group offers outstanding performance comprised of tremendous drumming performance, exquisite basslines, and minimalistic guitar interceptions. Flying Vipers are giving enough space for vocals, so Johnny has a perfect musical background to preach about classic themes that are continuously present in Rastafarian culture.

This 7” will suit the admirers of old school dub music, mainly because of the tremendous performances by both Johnny Clarke and Flying Vipers. Highest Region 7” comes as a limited olive green variant available for Record Store Day 2017, but it is still available at Music ADD and Jump Up Records. Don’t miss the chance to grab this one!

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