Flying Vipers – The Shadow Tape (Music ADD / Jump Up Records)

Flying Vipers - The Shadow Tape - Music ADD

From our previous experience with Flying Vipers, you can’t possibly go wrong if you loudly blast their tunes over the sound system. There’s something in their artistic expression that draws you to spin their records repetitiously. This Waltham, Massachusets based dub sensation fires engaging echoic tones, which will lead you to hours of good mood and relaxation. Powered by experienced musicians who’re active on the local scene for a couple of decades, Flying Vipers are incorporating their tremendous understanding for writing, composing, arranging with illustrious vintage dub ambiance and contemporary production technics. Considering all of the beforementioned elements, Flying Vipers grasped a perfect formula for a polyphonous harmony that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of dub sound.

The Shadow Tape follows the tradition of the Green and Copper tapes, both initially released on cassettes but later on received a compact disc treatment named The First Two Tapes. This particular material consists of two extended versions and two bonus dubs. Each side offers one extended version and a dub mix. Some of these numbers found spots on their previous recordings, and you may recognize their debut single Alone For A Long Time. The remaining portion of the material contains previously unreleased recordings, including numbers such as Mellow Mezzrow, True To Your Conscience, and Hoof And Mouth.

This material showcases how Flying Vipers aimed for an old school dub sound, similar to renowned acts such as Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, Errol Thompson, Keith Hudson, Mad Professor, Jah Shaka, and other similar artists. Still, the group maintains some unique maneuvers throughout the entire recording by delivering divine orchestrations. These musicians are fully aware of their capabilities, musical experience, and a comprehensive understanding of reggae/dub culture. Flying Vipers are exploring rich reggae/dub cultural heritage by delivering extraordinary orchestrations stacked with positive vibes, calmy harmonizations, addictive melodies, and moderate rhythmical segments.

The Shadow Tape is one of those recordings that demands your full attention and repetitious consumption because these numbers are containing tremendous musicianship and delicate lyrics. This material instantly gets under your skin and forces you to dance to the pleasant rhythms and melodies delivered by highly skilled musicians who’re into these genres for decades. The Shadow Tape comes on a transparent cassette, featuring a reversed pad print for a see-through effect. The cassette is strictly limited to 50 copies, exclusively published for Cassette Store Day 2017. For more information about ordering, please check out Music ADD or Jump Up Records.

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