Destroy Babylon – Shapeshifters CD (Music ADD)

Destroy Babylon - Shapeshifters CD - Music ADD

Destroy Babylon shapeshifted the sound since their formation and expanded it to a more developed structure throughout the years. Comparing to their previous full-length albums, such as Olligopuzzled, Backyard Babylon, Dub Of Ages Vol.1, and Long Live The Vortex, Shapeshifters has even more to contribute than the preceding recordings. This particular material delivers defined dualities between reggae aesthetics and thoroughly detailed indie rock orchestrations. However, Destroy Babylon also gives more space for additions and innovations, merely suppressed on their previous recordings beneath the more dominant layers of reggae and rock music. This time, all these additions are equally hearable as the foundations of their extraordinary music.

Shapeshifters comprises of eleven engaging compositions, powered by intelligent lyricism and marvelous musicianship. Judging by their musical articulations, Destroy Babylon has embedded heart and soul into these numbers, which will unquestionably reach out to the broader audience. Like on their previous recordings, the group examines aesthetics of roots reggae movement and merges it with appropriate indie rock orchestrations. Perhaps Destroy Babylon maintains these experimentations throughout the entire recording, but the group leans towards some heavier music genres such as hardcore punk, post-hardcore, post-punk, post-rock, and alternative rock. You may also stumble upon some elements of funk, soul, or dub, which were explored by the band at their previous recordings.

These combinations resulted in a comprehensive collection of ideally arranged numbers that are in so many cases leaning more towards indie rock than reggae sound. Still, there’s a strong presence of reggae/dub instrumentations that are keeping this material somewhere in the middle. Destroy Babylon equally separated these ingredients in half, so each composition includes equal dosages of these elements, empowered by the articulations distilled with the immense help of the abovementioned genres. Nothing would sound so compact without contemporary production technics that are undoubtfully uplifting every incorporated element on an entirely new level.

Shapeshifters will be definitely up your alley if you’re looking out for reggae/dub oriented indie rock music, decorated with an outstanding performance by every involved musician. Each instrument represents a vital ingredient that certainly improves the sound of the entire group. Shapeshifters comes on a compact disc housed in a digipack packaging. The cover artwork includes eye-peeling illustrations by Ktron, while Marc Beaudette is responsible for the remaining graphic design of the packaging. You can grab your copy via Music ADD or Culture Pirates Shop.

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