Scary Hours – Margins CD EP (Engineer Records / Pyrrhic Victory Records)

Scary Hours - Margins CD EP (Engineer Records / Pyrrhic Victory Records)

Scary Hours is a singular punk rock machinery entirely operated by Ryan Struck. Growing up in Northern Jersey, Ryan experienced working with various hardcore and punk rock groups, which helped him out to become an accomplished singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The variety of genres shaped his music taste throughout the years, so you may hear how hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, melodic punk rock, folk punk, emo revival influenced his composing and songwriting. Throughout the years, Scary Hours has released loads of singles, such as Live To Serve / Serve To Live 7”, Recurring Daydream, Angels, and Bullet Fairy. Then a tribute to Dead Kennedys came out, including Nazi Punks Fuck Off and Religious Vomit and a digital single named Cost Of Living. In the meantime, Scary Hours also released a full-length compact disc called Live To Serve with eleven compelling punk rock compositions for Pyrrhic Victory Records.

Margins is a following mini-album by Scary Hours, which contains eight compositions that serve as a proper continuation to the preceding full-length. Besides six brand new numbers, this material also includes a previously digitally released single Cost Of Living and How Low Can A Punk Get as a tribute to the legendary Bad Brains. Through Margins, Scary Hours vividly depicts the downfall of contemporary society, where the existence of fraudulent democracy became an excuse for imperial occupation, promotion of racial segregation, xenophobia, and nationalism. Some compositions are pointing out how the greedy capitalists are using global crisis, recession, and panic to gain more wealth. The remaining portion of this material deals with the Marxist theory of capitalist alienation, working-class heroes, marginalized communities who’re uprising against the system, voting, human relations, anxiety, and sobriety.

This particular material unquestionably showcases how the abovementioned genres thoroughly influenced Ryan’s songwriting and composing. Each composition includes fragments of old school hardcore punk, modern melodic hardcore, and melodic punk rock. However, Ryan catalyzes his emotions through emotive chants that are levitating between ferocious screams and polyphonous vocal articulations. There are even some post-hardcore aesthetics included at particular segments that will, without any doubt, find their way to the potential admirers of this specific sound. On the other hand, the thematics covered in this material are contributing an extra layer of ravaging angst pointed out directly towards all the injustices concealed within contemporary society. Margins distribute the ultimate dynamics through vigorous hardcore punk songs but also offers moderate polyphonous anthems that are suiting modern melodic punk rock trends.

Margins come on a compact disc and are currently up for preorders at Engineer Records in UK and Pyrrhic Victory Records in the US. Don’t miss the chance to preserve your copy if you’re into politically charged hardcore punk music, decorated with some modern melodic punk rock aesthetics.

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