Convertible – Holst Gate II CD (Noise Appeal Records)

Convertible - Holst Gate II CD - Noise Appeal Records

Convertible is an Austrian/German indie rock group with members emanating from Bregenz and Munich. Led by a prolific Austrian writer, composer, musician, and producer Hans Platzgumer, Convertible bursts with an impressive discography fully stacked by bright ideas and marvelous musicianship. Since their formation in 2003, the group released loads of recordings such as Your Pull Is Gone EP, Convertible, Transitory, Frailty Of Win – Strength Of Defeat, Convertible3, ALH84001, The Growing Of Things, Final Call, Holst Gate, and Not A Cloud. Considering Platzgumer’s previous endeavors with all his projects, you can expect nothing but extraordinary ideas topped with outstanding performance.

Holst Gate II arrives as a logical continuation of the previous recording, which carries the same inscription. Like on the preceding material, Convertible offers luxurious harmonies, appealing arpeggiated melodies, piano thematics, and punchy rhythmical maneuvers. Nevertheless, this highly skilled trio offers even more orchestrations, accentuations, additions, and innovations throughout the entire recording. Holst Gate II appears as a charismatic soundtrack for every mood, decorated by intelligent poetic lyricism, technically demanding musical performance, and unquestionably pleasant ambiance that insists on complete attention while listening. This wondrous amalgam of thoughtfully arranged indie-rock numbers constantly flirts with listening apparatus and instantly gets under the skin with addictive harmonies.

However, there’s more than meets the eye. Besides the predominant presence of indie rock music, you’ll notice layers of pub rock, classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, and soul. Still, this pub rock atmosphere carries a dosage of theatrical articulations and wittiness vividly illustrated through confident performance. Convertible resonates through this particular theatric and poetic ambiance with such ease, and it seems these experienced musicians are feeling entirely comfortable during the complete recording. The dualities between occasionally sturdy beats and subtle melodies delivered over the piano are giving a perfect balance to this marvelous compositions. These musicians perfected the sonic formula that will suit every listener who’s willing to open his heart and soul to this material.

Holster Gate II comes on vinyl accompanied by a 12” maxi-single limited to 100 copies, standard edition without 12” maxi-single limited to 180 copies, and a digipack compact disc including booklet. Head over to Noise Appeal Records and make sure to purchase on vinyl because this music probably sounds perfect on this sound carrier.

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