The Macrotones ft. Iyeoka / Destroy Babylon – Split 7″ (Music ADD)

Today, we’re covering a split 7” record between The Macrotones and Destroy Babylon. This actual release comes as an addition to the Unknown Outpost CD by The Macrotones, including a bonus number by Destroy Babylon filling on the B-side. Both bands have a lot of things in common, and besides being equally good, these bands are sharing some musicians like Marc and John Beaudette. Both of them are switching musical roles in these groups, while the remaining portion of musicians is also sporadically involved as guest musicians at The Macrotones records and vice versa. There’s no wonder about it, considering their involvement at Music ADD collective, which also serves as a label and platform for all their musical endeavors.

The Macrotones are opening this record with The Oneness In Life. This particular composition features a guest appearance of Iyeoka Okoawo, a Nigerian-American poet, recording artist, singer, activist, and educator. Her beautiful vocals are uplifting the listening experience on an entirely new level. At particular moments, her vocal abilities share a lot of similarities with Sade, but The Macrotones are offering positive vibes through their engaging version of afrobeat music. This composition has something special hidden beneath the calmy atmosphere that forces you to relax and completely surrender to the tender melodies.

Judgment by Destroy Babylon comes on the other side of this marvelous piece of plastic. The beauty of Destroy Babylon lurks in their capability to combine only the most genuine affinities of reggae and indie rock music in perfect harmony. This number offers a beautiful exploration in very detailed reggae orchestrations, intersected by the essentials of indie and post-rock music. These polyphonous maneuvers are decorated by appealing vocal dualities provided by Kellee Webb and Rob Carmichael, who did tremendous work throughout the entire composition. There’s an unavoidable presence of dub elements incorporated at particular moments during the song, but they’re subtle enough not to spoil the main reggae/rock direction of the group.

This record is a neat addition to the outstanding album by The Macrotones, and I highly advise you to purchase both releases in a bundle. The 7” comes as a mystery color vinyl, so you never know which variant will you get. However, they all look tempting and judging by the music housed on them, it certainly worth your money. Both releases are available at Music ADD or Culture Pirates Records.

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