The Macrotones – Unknown Outpost CD (Music ADD)

The Macrotones - Unknown Outpost CD - Music ADD

Unknown Outpost is the third full-length album by The Macrotones. If you have previously visited our pages, you probably stumble upon our reviews about First Signs Of Danger CD and Darvaza 12”. Boston’s finest afrobeat ensemble unquestionably defies the fundamentals of the genre by thoroughly exploring other musical interests of the involved musicians. Therefore, their already gracious sound expanses even further over the years through various musical delicacies carefully prepared to indulge even the pickiest admirers of this unique musical genre. Unknown Outpost showcases inevitable progress in comparison with their previous recordings, which are also including loads of outstanding moments.

Unknown Outpost follows the already established afrobeat articulations, but unlike their previous recordings, The Macrotones are leaning more towards pleasant sounds of funk, soul, rhythm and blues, ethiojazz, jazz, and cinematic music. The group also introduces some innovations like hip hop elements, which are marvelously applying over the remaining polyphonous movements. You may notice some essentials of world music, ethno, or indie rock implemented beneath all these orchestrations, which are certainly uplifting the voluminous atmosphere on an entirely new level. The subtle additions of indie rock are ideally pairing to the retrospective sound of The Macrotones by contributing some contemporary elements to their expansive music.

The Macrotones are famous for their detailed cinematic sound, drenched into cheerful afrobeat aesthetics. That’s eventually the case with Unknown Outpost as well, but the group adds up more contrast by introducing calmer compositions to this particular material. There’s still recognizable seventies spy-movie soundtrack ambiance, decorated by tremendously executed funky chord progressions, engaging keyboard melodies, and colossal brass/horn/woodwind section. Nevertheless, The Macrotones are demonstrating a more peaceful side of their music that unquestionably appears as equally good as the more dynamic portion of this recording. The immensely energetic rhythm section dictates the tempo of these compositions and provides a bounteous view into a profoundly complex rhythmical world of The Macrotones, while the remaining orchestrations are maneuvring according to these acrobatics. This material also includes more vocal sequences than their previous recordings. Their presence gives more depth and soul to the engaging music provided by these tremendous musicians.

Unknown Outpost comes on a compact disc housed in a digipack sleeve. Once again, the packaging includes the eye-peeling artworks by Jesse Moore and design by Marc Beaudette. The compact disc is still available at the Music ADD store and Culture Pirates shop, so make sure to purchase this gem if you’re into the abovementioned genres.

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