The Macrotones – Darvaza 12″ EP (Music ADD)

The Macrotones - Darvaza 12" EP - Music ADD

Today we’re talking about another older recording by The Macrotones, an afrobeat/funk/psychedelic rock band based in Boston, Massachusets. Previously, we covered their second album named First Signs Of Danger that blew us away with its diversity and detailed approach to the beforementioned genres. Darvaza is their following recording that went a step further in these explorations, mainly because of the thoroughly complex orchestrations for this particular sound. This material includes six delicate compositions, which are devotedly following the basics of these genres. However, as it usually appears, there’s more than meets the eye when you scratch beneath the surface.

Darvaza explores the retrospective tones of the seventies funk and psychedelic rock music, enhanced by the danceable afrobeat rhythms. The Macrotones are digging even deeper into the foundations of these specific musical genres by embracing retro-sounding production. Still, you can vividly detect each tone and beat delivered by these experienced musicians. You may notice some familiar movements borrowed from other genres such as jazz, soul, or rhythm and blues, but they’re present more like accentuations that are highlighting particular moments. The Macrotones are maintaining different moods throughout the entire album. The band levitates between cheerful and serious thematics, energetic and calmful rhythms, lightness and dark, but all segments and sequences are profoundly detailed and unquestionably entertaining.

Like on their previous records, Darvaza also includes a tremendous performance by the entire group. The unstoppable rhythm section is continuously dueling with notable accentuations performed over the percussions, while the bass guitar punches somewhere from beneath with striking basslines. Both funky chords progressions and addictive keyboard melodies are layering these warm-sounding low-end tones but also leading the thematics with the dominant brass/horn/woodwind section. Their tremendously precise performance demonstrates nothing but a pure experience of the entire band. This music demands knowledge, practice, skills, style, and these musicians are showing off everything they got through their engaging music.

There’s something cinematic in the music of The Macrotones. Sometimes their compositions are resembling spy-movie soundtracks, so if you’re into these soundscapes, then Darvaza is a perfect choice for you. There’s no wonder since their music showcases highly skilled musicians in action, just like the main protagonists in the beforementioned movies. Darvaza comes on a mystery color 12” vinyl and compact disc. The cover features the beautiful artwork of Jesse Moore, while the remaining design is done by Marc Beaudette. Make sure to grab Darvaza at Music ADD or Culture Pirates shop because you won’t be disappointed.

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