The Slackers – Nobody’s Listening / Sleep Outside 12″ EP (Pirates Press Records)

The Slackers - Nobody's Listening / Sleep Outside 12" EP - Pirates Press Records

The Slackers are one of those groups that don’t need an introduction. This New York City ska institution has been active for three decades without doing any breaks in between. Quite the contrary, the group is famous for being highly prolific by publishing full-lengths every two or three years, with loads of live albums, extended plays, and singles released in between. The beauty of The Slackers hides deep in their continuous quality, mainly showcased through those recordings and energetic live performances. We previously had a privilege to review their Blue 7”, a single consisting of original and dub version of the particular number that served as a wake-up call for all the voters to choose democrats during the recent elections in the States.

Nobody’s Listening/Sleep Outside is one of their recent 12” EPs, released before the Blue 7”. Both numbers are included on the A-Side, while the other side unveils digitally printed artwork of this release. These numbers are demonstrating some signature moves by The Slackers, so this material serves as a proper continuation of their preceding recordings. These tunes are offering loads of entertaining moments, danceable rhythms, and cheerful melodies delivered by experienced musicians. However, beneath positively charged harmonies hides a meaningful message that reflects the modern times and common problems of a hard-working man.

Nobody’s Listening talks about the senseless society that ignores the desperation of the individual, who repeatedly attempts to share his problems with the rest of the world. On the other hand, Sleep Outside summons better times for the working class, currently suppressed by the rotten system. The Slackers are questioning the state of the nation that undoubtfully collapses during the remnants of the Trump administration. The lyrics are illustrating depressive imagery, but the music is doing quite the opposite. The Slackers were always good at polarizing the good and bad moments through their music, which was the purpose of the ska movement since its beginnings.

The Slackers possess all the tools of the trade to convey a meaningful message through engaging sound, so you’ll solely relish in these two compositions if you’re profoundly into ska music. The packaging is equally impressive as their music, and you’ll undoubtfully experience this record both visually and musically in the best possible way. This record is strictly limited to 1000 copies, so head over to Pirates Press Records and preserve your copy.

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