Plazmatick – Maziš Mi Se / Cuddly, Cuddly Deluxe DLP (PDV Records)

Plazmatick - Maziš mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly Deluxe DLP - PDV Records

We recently wrote an article about Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times by Plazmatick, a Croatian electronic music act entirely operated by Marko Mihalinec. Alongside his interest in urban tribalism and culture, his characteristic artistry encompasses both audio and visual form. Seven years have passed since he initially recorded Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times, and Plazmaticks evolutive process is inevitably hearable at his latest offering to the broader auditorium. Maziš Mi Se / Cuddly, Cuddly showcases more than notable progress in comparison with his predecessor, but also offers greater specter of appealing electronic movements through slightly complex sound forms and compelling sonic articulations.

Considering his previous recordings, Plazmatick strays from the path with this particular material, but this decision appears in a very positive manner. Marko decided to almost completely neutralize the presence of dubstep and trip-hop music in his artistic expression. The appearance of two previously crucial elements in his music has been replaced by the uncompromising dominance of electro, deep house, and techno sound. These combinations are providing subtler, detailed, richer sound than on his previous recording, but Marko also introduces faster rhythmical sequences to his audience. Still, you may hear some regular half-step rhythmical movements that unquestionably defined his music in the past.

Plazmatick paid so much attention to the overall ambiance. Therefore, you may encounter the vast universe of exquisitely arranged spacey atmospherics, so characteristic for sci-fi movie soundtracks. His music still grasps cinematic soundscapes, precisely composed to accommodate the overall listening experience. The high-pitched leads are appropriately supporting these soundscapes, but they’re also pairing them with some sharp tones. There’s also a high percentage of marvelous accentuations that are so characteristic for electro, deep house, and techno music. Still, these accentuations are not placed without a purpose. Alongside delicate low-end tones, they’re acting as a compulsory element between atmospherics, leads, and velocious beats. You may also notice how the album gradually transits from vigorous numbers to more downtempo ambient soundscapes. Each composition is exceptionally composed, arranged, and structured to accommodate the thoroughly detailed entirety comprised of twelve separate numbers.

The deluxe vinyl edition of Maziš Mi Se / Cuddly, Cuddly comes with a bonus vinyl that includes Plazmatick’s previous record Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times. The inner record sleeve unveils the original cover artwork for that particular album, with a brilliant yakuza photo done by Seiji Kurata included on a front cover. The backside of an inlay includes the tracklist and all the necessary info about the label. The visual identity for Maziš Mi Se / Cuddly, Cuddly entirely differs from the previous record, and this improved design showcases an abstract painting done in glowy purple, turquoise, and pink tones. Just like the inner sleeve, the backside unveils all the necessary info about this recording. The thick cardboard cover sleeve holds both records together, so the entire release is done professionally in the highest possible quality. These records are also available separately, with Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times being strictly limited to only 100 copies. It’s a great opportunity to grab both albums during the pre-orders because they’re available for a special price. Head over to PDV Records and order one for yourself or your loved ones.

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