Skold – Dies Irae CD (Cleopatra Records)

Skold returns with another exalted full-length named Dies Irae. The chances you never heard for Tim Skold are equal with the chances you spent your life under the rock. His exceptional ideas, musicianship, and producing skills are reaching almost every division of the music industry for over three decades. Besides performing side by side with… Read More Skold – Dies Irae CD (Cleopatra Records)

V/A – DeepEnd! Chapter 2 (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Once again, prolific Croatian independent label PDV Records teamed up with Slovenian DeepEnd Movement to deliver another dosage of contemporary electronic music. This time, Chapter 2 presents four artists, so this compilation resembles more of a four-way split release than an actual compilation album. Nevertheless, if we put those unimportant aspects aside and place involved… Read More V/A – DeepEnd! Chapter 2 (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Gisaza – Assassin 12″ EP (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Gisaza is a mysterious dubstep outlet presumably originating from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The enigmatic producer refuses to reveal his true identity and solely focuses on his musical expression to articulate with the broader auditorium. Gisaza’s slightly grimy approach to dubstep sound goes beyond the boundaries of the genre itself, mainly because of the comprehensive collection of… Read More Gisaza – Assassin 12″ EP (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Plazmatick – Maziš Mi Se / Cuddly, Cuddly Deluxe DLP (PDV Records)

We recently wrote an article about Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times by Plazmatick, a Croatian electronic music act entirely operated by Marko Mihalinec. Alongside his interest in urban tribalism and culture, his characteristic artistry encompasses both audio and visual form. Seven years have passed since he initially recorded Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times, and Plazmaticks evolutive process is inevitably… Read More Plazmatick – Maziš Mi Se / Cuddly, Cuddly Deluxe DLP (PDV Records)

Plazmatick – Hrđava Vremena / Rusty Times LP (PDV Records)

Plazmatick is an alias of Marko Mihalinec, a longstanding electronic music producer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Plazmatick is not only an electronic music act that exists for more than two decades, but it’s also singular machinery that operates through theory, activism, urban tribalism, so Marko catalyzes his interests through engaging audio and video performance. Hrđava… Read More Plazmatick – Hrđava Vremena / Rusty Times LP (PDV Records)