Plazmatick – Hrđava Vremena / Rusty Times LP (PDV Records)

Plazmatick - Hrđava Vremena / Rusty Times LP - PDV Records

Plazmatick is an alias of Marko Mihalinec, a longstanding electronic music producer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Plazmatick is not only an electronic music act that exists for more than two decades, but it’s also singular machinery that operates through theory, activism, urban tribalism, so Marko catalyzes his interests through engaging audio and video performance. Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times represents his debut recording, which was recorded in 2013 but never released for a broader auditorium. This material eventually reignited on limited edition vinyl record thanks to PDV Records, a record label based in Zagreb. The album comes with a meaningful photo, which is a work of a recently deceased icon of Japanese photography Seiji Kurata. Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times served as the official soundtrack for a memorial exhibition in honor of photographer Seiji Kurata, held in Tokyo this year.

This recording represents a comprehensive collection comprised of ten appealing electro compositions. Plazmatick encompasses a full specter of genres under his branch, such as old school dubstep, electronica, trip-hop, and techno. Still, these compositions are showcasing his interest in organic and synthetic ambient music, devotion to cinematic soundtracks, and pure love for the entire amalgam of other non-electronic music genres. Besides the predominant presence of almost every electronic subgenre, you may hear some jazzy progressions, liquid synth-pop leads, arpeggiated sci-fi sequences, and pleasant acoustic moments.

Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times embraces a wide array of notable and subtle movements, but every articulation is composed, arranged, and produced to perfection. These engaging numbers are offering a tremendous exploration through the harmonious universe, mainly comprised of delightful melodies, hypnotic sequences, notable accentuations, and delicate beats. You may notice some similarities with the music of Vangelis, Noriyuki Asakura, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Sergio Leone along the way, but perhaps Plazmatick used their influential music as potential guidance for his debut.

This particular material provides loads of entertainment through pleasing harmonizations, addictive melodies, catchy articulations, and rhythmical sequences. Plazmatick thought about every possible movement included on this record but also spent some time working on excellent arrangments that certainly highlight these numbers. The marvelous production empowers the entire material by bringing only the best affinities of each composition. You’ll solely enjoy this record if you’re into engaging electronic music, decorated by thoughtfully composed thematics. Hrđava Vremena/Rusty Times comes on standard black vinyl limited to only 100 copies, so act fast if you want to preserve your copy. Still, you can entirely enjoy these tunes at all streaming services if you’re more into digital streams. Head over to PDV Records and check out this record!

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