Destroy Babylon – Long Live The Vortex LP (Music ADD)

Destroy Babylon - Long Live The Vortex LP - Music ADD

Today we’re talking about one of the older records by Destroy Babylon that threatens to become a reggae/dub classic in our books. This particular record continuously blasts at our headquarters for nearly a week, and there’s a solid reason for that. Destroy Babylon is a reggae/dub/rock quintet based in Boston, Massachusets, comprised of highly experienced musicians who’re also involved in Flying Vipers, The Macrotones, Minus Delta Vee, and Music ADD collective. If you paid closer attention to our pages in the previous period, you probably noticed a couple of reviews about their music, so you’re pretty much aware of what you can expect from these guys.

Long Live The Vortex is their fourth full-length album. Previously, Destroy Babylon released an impressive amount of recordings such as Olligopuzzled CD, Backyard Babylon CD, Separation CD EP, The Shadow Army CD, Culture Pirates 7”, Dub Of Ages Vol. 1. CD, Dub Of Ages Vol. 2: DB Meets Prince Polo CD EP, and a split CD release with The Macrotones called Clash On The High Seas. Later on, the group released another full-length named Shapeshifters and once again shared a 7” record with The Macrotones and Iyeoka. Unlike The Macrotones and Flying Vipers, who are examining afrobeat/funk or reggae/dub sound, Destroy Babylon is entirely exploring the fundamentals of a reggae sound, combined with notable rock moments, engaging soul chants, and subtle dub accentuations. Their specific blend comprised of complementary genres creates such a beautiful atmosphere, entirely pervaded by the positive vibes.

Destroy Babylon nurtures profoundly detailed sound, characteristic for the contemporary reggae scene. The group stacks all the recognizable movements for this spectacular genre but also maintains diversity throughout the entire material by implementing the beforementioned elements. The dominant presence of rock sound is mainly hearable through engaging guitar licks, while the spectacular chants are showcasing the soul side of the group. The dub accentuations are reduced to a minimum but still hearable at a couple of numbers. Tremendous production is uplifting these compositions on an entirely new level, and it’s nearly mind-blowing how all the instrumentations are detectable throughout the complete recording. The amount of the instruments involved also goes beyond comprehension. Besides initial instruments like drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, you’ll experience the entire orchestra comprised of baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax, trombone, flute, organ, clavinet, piano, tabla, sitar, and percussion. Destroy Babylon pain attention to all the involved instrumentations, so you can entirely embrace the wonderful tones while listening to their ear-appealing music. Everything is well-planned, performed, and recorded to the uttermost perfection.

Long Live The Vortex represents a masterpiece of a modern reggae scene, carefully performed by the experienced musicians who’re into this particular genre for decades. Their experience, musical knowledge, and sense of composing are vividly hearable throughout the complete album. You’ll have some difficulties while picking your favorite tunes because all compositions are equally good. Long Live The Vortex is still available on standard black vinyl, compact disc, and digitally at streaming services. Head over to the Music ADD or Culture Pirates Shop and order a copy for yourself or your loved ones.

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