Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie – In Plain Sight LP (PDV Records)

Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie - In Plain Sight LP - PDV Records

It’s nearly impossible not to mention Jan Kinčl while digging deep into the Croatian electronic music scene. Whenever you’re searching for regional electronic music over the web or discovering new vinyl selection while digging the crates at local record stores, there’s a high probability you’ll stumble upon his music. There’s a reasonable explanation for his overwhelming presence at the regional scene. He’s pretty much active as a techno and house DJ, radio DJ, producer, live performer, party promoter, and label owner for over two decades. In 2016, he met French keyboardist Regis Kattie, who reignited his admiration for jazz music. After a while, they decided to work together on particular mixes, which will later become an integral part of their collaborative debut full-length record.

In Plain Sight represents a collaborative debut album by Jan Kinčl and Regis Kattie that includes six marvelously executed house compositions. This material was heavily promoted by Florette Versions EP, which consisted of the original version of the number, plus three remixed versions done by Luka Veselinović, LaSeech, and Matija Duić. In Plain Sight collects some live performances, so you’ll entirely enjoy You Never Told Me Pts. 1 & 2, which were recorded live at Galerija Cvajner in Pula, and G’s Cycle Encore Cut 01, which was recorded live at Pločnik in Zagreb. However, this album also encompasses tracks such as the original version of Florette, How Quentin Lost His Jazz, Blue Funk, and How Quentin Got His Jazz Back. Later on, Blue Funk received a similar treatment like Florette at Two Sides Of Blue Funk through a couple of remixes done by Javonntte and Janko Novoselic.

This particular collection captures the essence of engaging jazz improvisations, empowered by calmy electronic beats. These rhythmical sequences are including all the fundamentals of house music, techno, and electronica. Still, these maneuvers are nicely pairing the addictive keyboard melodies performed by Regis Kattie. Besides polyphonous harmonizations and electronic beats, you may hear beautiful basslines liberated by the double bass. These basslines are providing support to the keyboard melodies but also fulfilling the ambiance with some warm-sounding tones. This instrumental formation mimics the standard jazz rhythm section, so you’ll solely enjoy their virtuosities throughout the entire recording.

The quality of In Plain Sight is undeniable, mainly because of the organic vibes this particular material produces through ear-appealing melodies and danceable beats. The pleasance of the complete ambiance liberates enough positive vibrations and enhances the overall listening experience as you’re digging deeper into this extraordinary record. This album also proves that Jan Kinčl is a brilliant producer who deserves the uttermost attention of the electronic music community. This release is available on standard black vinyl by PDV Records, but you can also listen to it at all streaming services if you prefer your music digitally. Highly recommended!

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