Holy B - Adventures In Lo-Fi Vol. 2

Holy B – Adventures In Lo-Fi Vol. 2

Holy B - Adventures In Lo-Fi Vol. 2

After the first edition of Adventures In Lo-Fi, Holy B makes a proper comeback with a brand new material that goes way beyond countless music genres. Like his first EP wasn’t impressive enough, B Hollinger decided to take a step further and creates an experimental beast that will gather positive critics among those listeners who’re not afraid to embrace the fresh avant-garde sound, fully stacked with brilliant ideas, and exquisite musicianship. Adventures In Lo-Fi Vol. 2 also carries a strong message about growing and trusting your intuition. Separately, the compositions enclosed within this extended play are touching topics such as depression, frustration, mixed emotions in times of pandemic, commercialization of the music industry, the conflict between physical releases and online streaming music, and many other themes.

Adventures In Lo-Fi Vol. 2 consists of four thoroughly planned experimental compositions, defined by a vividly hearable electronic vibe. Holy B explores endless possibilities by merging several complementary genres. Nevertheless, this creative artist also explores some unique technics which are uncommon on the contemporary electronic scene. Besides the experimental and avant-garde aesthetics, Holy B incorporates generous servings of glitch, hardcore, industrial, breakbeat, dubstep, future beats, psychedelic, hip hop, funk, groove, jazz, and lo-fi. His approach remains entirely experimental and avant-garde from scratch to finish, with occasional explorations into futuristic post-apocalyptic, dystopian, grime cinematic atmospherics, but it eventually ends up with pleasing ambiance and drones.

Holy B solely relies upon his love for jazz and free improvisation, but instead of going fully analog, he decides to replace the classic rhythm section/upright bass/piano with samples/glitches/other electronic elements. Perhaps his approach is entirely uncommon, crude, chaotic, archaic, but this material is flawlessly planned, written, composed, assembled, and produced. Holy B exactly knows what he’s doing, and he’s not afraid to showcase his heavy weaponry to the crowd who’re interested in exposing themselves to an avant-garde approach to electronic music. It is the type of sound you should listen to with open hearts and minds to comprehend the brilliance of an artist. Adventures In Lo-Fi Vol. 2 comes on a limited cassette and digitally at Bandcamp, so Holy B thought about satisfying consumers of each format. Head over to the Bandcamp page and support this artist who devotedly follows the DIY ethos.


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