Urban Hell: Narrow Margin Premieres A New Single And Video

Narrow Margin

Young East Manchester punk rockers Narrow Margin are hitting hard with Urban Hell, their brand new single that evokes the golden years for punk rock music. Urban Hell carries the late seventies to mid-eighties sound through generous servings of melodies and energy but also leaves enough room for the message itself to reach out to the newer generation of punk rockers. Narrow Margin is one of those bands that’s thinking not only about the sound but about the message as well. Urban Hell offers a powerful social commentary about the struggles of the working class in the times when capitalists will do anything to profit. The band presents the downfall of contemporary society through robust rock and roll chord progressions and pure punk rock energy.

Narrow Margin - Urban Hell

The band said about the song: “Urban Hell is an expression of frustration at the system that traps working people into selling mind, body, and soul to big business so a man in a suit can add another £1million to his bonus. People slog it out in poorly paid zero-hour jobs through the week, just to meet basic living costs and maybe be able to watch the football at the weekend. It touches on people’s inability to criticize the system that keeps them down. The political apathy of so many people, underpaid and yet distracted by material aspirations encouraged by certain political ideologies, is one of the fundamental factors in maintaining economic inequality”.

Narrow Margin

Drawing influences from the renowned greats such as The Smiths, The Libertines, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Jam, Wire Ramones, Manic Street Preachers, Velvet Underground, Narrow Margin will suit those listeners who are looking out for a perfect balance between catchy melodies and relentless dynamics. The music of Narrow Margin calls out for the rebellion against those in power in the times when the public needs to wake up and think about all the issues that are striking mankind. It a socially conscious rock and roll-infused punk rock adapted for the 21st century.

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