Flying Vipers - Dub Fader Cuts 7'' - Happy People Records

Flying Vipers – Dub Fader Cuts 7” (Happy People Records)

Flying Vipers - Dub Fader Cuts 7'' - Happy People Records

Flying Vipers are not wasting time at all. After their critically acclaimed full-length recording Cuttings that’s been released sometime in 2020, the group is coming back with a brand new 7” record called Dub Fader Cuts. The publishing of this material is scheduled for March 21st, and it carries a couple of marvelous dub compositions, entirely performed in Flying Vipers manner. For those who might don’t know, Flying Vipers are a Waltham, Massachusets based dub group with loads of impressive recordings such as Alone For A Long Time, Highest Region featuring the living legend Johnny Clarke, The Green Tape, The Copper Tape, The Shadow Tape, Nervous Breakdub, Two Twenties Clash, Pandemic Versions, and Cuttings.

Right from the starting point of their career, Flying Vipers are bursting with immense quality. That’s the case with their latest 7” as well. These two compositions are encompassing all the essentials of old school reggae/dub sound. However, this material is empowered by the contemporary production technics, which are unquestionably uplifting these orchestrations on an entirely new level. Both compositions are acting as longevous instrumentals, but you won’t get the feeling like you’re missing any lyrics while listening. That’s because these numbers were thoughtfully written from scratch to finish.

Both tracks are flawlessly composed, arranged, and structured to retain the attention of the listeners. You won’t even notice if these songs were extended to ten minutes, mainly because of the melodies included along the way. Flying Vipers are paying a lot of attention to the themes, performed by a detailed brass section. The remaining portion of the group builds up a perfect background for their maneuvers but also liberates some polyphonous tones characteristic for reggae and dub music. Flying Vipers are one of those groups who’re always sounding incredible and fresh, no matter how many recordings they put out in a row. Dub Fader Cuts is another exceptional material by these experienced musicians, who’re merging only the best affinities of rich reggae/dub heritage.

Dub Fader Cuts comes on black vinyl, empowered by a beautiful illustration by Jaime Zuverza. The remaining design is done by Marc Beaudette. The proceeds from this release will be donated to Alpha Institute / the Alpha Boys School in Jamaica. Check out the Flying Vipers Bandcamp page or Happy People Records Bandcamp page for more information about ordering this gem.




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