The Slackers – Blue 7” (Pirates Press Records)

The Slackers - Blue 7'' - Pirates Press Records

The Slackers are proudly keeping the flame of ska music alive since their formation in 1991. This prolific Manhattan, NYC based orchestra is keeping it busy with an exceptional quality being present throughout their entire discography. Their specific blend of ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, soul, garage rock, and jazz is the main attribute that settles them in the constant spotlight for nearly three decades, and it seems these Newyorkers don’t have any intentions to stop. Quite the contrary, the orchestra has decided to publish a brand new single in the period of the probably most important elections in the history of the United States.

Blue carries a meaningful message about the political stance of The Slackers. After just a couple of listenings, you’ll notice how the group wisely pointed out the importance of voting at the upcoming elections. This composition urges the listeners to vote for the democrats and bring to an end the mindless Trump policies. The true meaningness lays down beneath almost poetic lyrics, thoughtfully written for this occasion. Each color represents the pros and cons of the current political climates in the States. However, The Slackers are proudly showing off their admiration towards the blue color, which, in this case, represents democracy.

This 7” record comes with the original and a dub version of the same composition. The original version liberates a classic rocksteady ska sound, so characteristic for The Slackers, while the dub version provides nearly identical orchestrations. Still, the dub version incorporates some traditional effects for this specific genre, such as echo, reverb, and delay. The dub version is also more concise, but it’s equally good as the original number. In both cases, The Slackers are offering some impressive ska orchestrations followed by moderate tempos, brilliant brass section, chopping guitar chords, and excellent basslines.

Blue 7” comes on a royal blue vinyl limited to 500 copies, baby blue vinyl limited to 300 copies, black vinyl, and white vinyl limited to 100 copies per color. Both the ska punk scene is an excellent platform to express personal stances about almost anything, and The Slackers are wisely using primetime to call out the public to vote in desperate times for the United States. You’ll unreservedly love this new single by The Slackers if you’re a longtime fan of their music. Visit the Pirates Press Records web store for more detailed info about ordering.

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