Overcharge – Metalpunx LP (Various Labels)

Overcharge has been pretty much active since its formation in 2012. The determination of this intense Italian rock’n’roll charged d-beat trio resulted in impressive discography, mainly comprised of self-titled promo recording, debut full-length album Accelerate, following recording such as critically acclaimed Speedsick, and Electric Reaper EP. Overcharge traveled a long road since their formation in… Read More Overcharge – Metalpunx LP (Various Labels)

Löckheed – Conflict Delirium 7″ (Blown Out Media)

Löckheed is one of the newcomers on an international d-beat scene commencing from Santa Rosa, California. This noisy trio nails the chaotic atmosphere close to what Disclose tried to achieve a couple of decades ago, but with even more fuzziness than Japanese hardcore punk predecessors. To serve as a reminder, Löckheed has published equally good… Read More Löckheed – Conflict Delirium 7″ (Blown Out Media)

Loose Nukes – Cult Leaders LP (Mutant Sounds Records)

Despite the situation with the global crisis caused by pandemic, 2020 looks promising for hardcore punk music. You can stumble upon on piles of the great new releases by promising upcoming bands, who are using already proven formula to satisfy the hunger of the tireless underground scene. These kinds of circumstances were always the fertile… Read More Loose Nukes – Cult Leaders LP (Mutant Sounds Records)

Socialstyrelsen – Med Rädsla För Livet LP (Various Labels)

Med Rädsla För Livet LP is a debut full-length album by Socialstyrelsen, glorious neo-crust band deeply rooted in obscure aesthetics of highly energized Swedish hardcore punk music. The band has released a couple of demo recordings, and EP’s since their formation in 2008, therefore they’re now fully prepared to unleash a comprehensive collection of pondering… Read More Socialstyrelsen – Med Rädsla För Livet LP (Various Labels)

Destruct – Echoes of Life LP (Grave Mistake Records)

Richmond has been on the loose for quite a while. The amount of bands originating from the state of Virginia has become tremendous over the years, and most of them are overwhelmingly good. No matter if we discuss classic hardcore punk, post-hardcore, crust or d-beat, Virginia has become an unavoidable theme during the conversations about… Read More Destruct – Echoes of Life LP (Grave Mistake Records)

Scavengers Circle – Beyond Repair CD

Scavengers Circle is a newly established crustcore duo from Västerås, Sweden. The band is comprised of Luka, who’s in charge of all the guitars, bass, vocals, and Johan who’s behind drums. Johan is also responsible for some additional vocals on this material. Beyond Repair is their debut full-length recording comprised of six ferocious compositions that… Read More Scavengers Circle – Beyond Repair CD

Agenda – Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues LP (Fysisk Format)

These guys somehow sneaked under the radars of our blog, but luckily for our hearing apparatus, we’re covering their debut album today. Agenda is a powerful d-beat/crust quartet hailing from Stavanger, Norway, and so far the band has recorded a Demo (2013), Menneskehetens Massegrav 12” EP (Negative Vibes, 2014), 7” split release with Mørkt Kapittel… Read More Agenda – Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues LP (Fysisk Format)

Scarecrow – Revenge EP (Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes)

North Carolina’s finest d-beaters are coming back with another blistering record simplistically named Revenge. This time these Raleigh punks gathered eight bone-crushing compositions full of fast-paced drumming, crunchy basslines, and clamorous shreddings. For those who are not familiar with Scarecrow’s sound, the band nurtures a very disruptive approach to d-beat music that has been saturated… Read More Scarecrow – Revenge EP (Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes)