Scheme – Scheme CS (Slow Death Records)


No matter how hard I tried to dig some more information about this band, these guys somehow kept the details somewhere behind the curtain. The only info I managed to discover about Scheme is that the group consists of the band members previously involved in Phane, Mass Grave, Napalm Raid, and Decontrol. Unlike contemporary trends that surround the current d-beat scene, Scheme comes much closer to the Swedish d-beat sound. Forget about Grave New World or Massacre Divine d-clone sound, because Scheme resembles early eighties British and Swedish hardcore punk sound empowered by characteristic Discharge beats. If you had a chance to check out their previous bands, then you’ll probably know these musicians are deeply into the genre for decades. Therefore, Scheme sounds stalwart, vigorous, and defined enough to persuade even the pickiest d-beat fan. Considering overall sound, Scheme sounds compact by any means. Guitars are delivering gracious servings of recognizable guitar shreds, while the widespread basslines permeate the ambiance with suitable warm sounds. The complete orchestrations by these ferociously performed instruments have been supported by energetic drumming maneuvers. Drumming segments sound refreshing because the production has done a proper job and moved crispiness of the cymbals somewhere in the very background. However, the maniacal cymbal splashing fulfills the ambiance with utter chaos deep underneath the precise guitar layers. These recordings range with exceptional dynamics and compelling riffages throughout the entire album. Scheme also involves indirect dosages of old school crust punk aesthetics, and fortunately enough, without popular blackened crust melodies. These subtle crust punk aesthetics accent certain partitions and contribute even more furious moments through the record. The musicians surrounding Scheme has done their best to depict the eighties / early nineties d-beat hardcore punk scene with dozen of ferocious compositions that unquestionably resemble some heavyweights such as Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Doom, Avskum, Totalitär, Mob 47, Doom, plus many other groups who rely upon d-beat rhythms. This self-titled album comes as a cassette release, which has been published by Slow Death Records. Make sure to check out their previous tapes, and support the work of the label by purchasing Scheme debut.

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