• Interview: Alex CF

    Interview: Alex CF

    Our readers mostly know Alex CF as a frontman and songwriter for his bands, such as Fall Of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Momentum, Carnist, Anopheli, Morrow, etc. However, he is also an accomplished author and illustrator who published books like Seek The Throat From Which We Sing, The Orata, and Wretched Is The Husk. I sat…

  • Dispyt & Death Crusade Teamed Up For A 7″ Split Release

    Dispyt & Death Crusade Teamed Up For A 7″ Split Release

    Crust punk and extreme metal fans, get ready! The Finnish crust/black metal band Dispyt and Death Crusade, the Polish crust punk/death metal band, have joined forces for a split 7″ album that promises to be a memorable experience. The album features Dispyt and Death Crusade showcasing their unique styles, blending crust punk and extreme metal…

  • Smrt Razuma Released Debut Full-Length; Watch The Video For “Nova Era Mraka”

    Smrt Razuma Released Debut Full-Length; Watch The Video For “Nova Era Mraka”

    Croatian hardcore punk/d-beat group Smrt Razuma has released a debut album Nova Era Mraka. The band also released a video for an album title track on YouTube. You can check out the album and video below.

  • Noise Aholic – Narcissistvärld CS (Elitbolaget)

    Noise Aholic – Narcissistvärld CS (Elitbolaget)

    Those who know me well know that crust punk sound is a must at Thoughts Words Action headquarters. That’s the main reason why I was eager to hear a new album by Noise Acholic, a solo crust punk project of Owe Inborr (Ondfødt, Dispyt, Wolfthrone Studios). Still, this project includes various guests from the extreme…

  • Bob Malmström – Kejsarsnitt 7″ (Elitbolaget)

    Bob Malmström – Kejsarsnitt 7″ (Elitbolaget)

    After mentioning Bob Malmström in a previous music review, I felt obliged to talk about this quartet a little bit more. As I also cited yesterday, Elitbolaget supplied us we a big pile of their older releases, so thankfully, I have more than enough material to talk about for a while. Bob Malmström is unquestionably…

  • Dispyt – Livsglädje 7″ (Elitbolaget)

    Dispyt – Livsglädje 7″ (Elitbolaget)

    A hefty package with releases ended up on our doorstep thanks to Elitbolaget. If you’re not familiar with this Finnish record label, you should pay attention to their roster. You’ll stumble upon everything from sludge metal to ultrafast hardcore punk and all over to skate punk sound. Still, the main focus is on extreme underground…

  • Frustrerad – The Truth In Lies 7″

    Frustrerad – The Truth In Lies 7″

    I can’t even express how much I missed some relentless d-beat/hardcore punk music. It’s been a while since I listened to or even wrote an article about some fast, aggressive, loud music, so finally, I got a chance to do it. This interesting 7″ record popped up in my mailbox recently, and it’s not like…

  • Caloris Impact – First Impact CS

    Caloris Impact – First Impact CS

    It’s been a while since I introduced some hardcore punk band on these pages, so what better occasion than now to introduce this Austrian quartet. Caloris Impact is a powerful hardcore unit that emanates from Graz, and this material represents their debut extended play. The group consists of Rebeca on lead vocals, Christian on guitars,…

  • Feinted – Annihilation CS (Home Mort Records)

    Feinted – Annihilation CS (Home Mort Records)

    Feinted is an abrasive Italian d-beat hardcore group emanating from Milan. The group is lurking around the scene, but it keeps a low profile as much as possible. There’s a lack of information about group activities, and it seems that the Feinted is popping up sporadically with new releases. Since their formation, Feinted released a…

  • Vengeance By Proxy – S/T LP (Profane Existence / Diablos Records MX)

    Vengeance By Proxy – S/T LP (Profane Existence / Diablos Records MX)

    Vengeance By Proxy is a relatively new d-beat / crust punk quartet hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. However, the group contains some renowned musicians who developed the sound of the beforementioned genres over the years. Vengeance By Proxy consists of Denis (Doom / Gloomy Sunday), Jonte (Aggrenation / Civil Olydnad), Bengtsson (Suicide Syndicate), and Charlie (Anti-Cimex…

  • HYLE – Weapons I’ve Earned LP (Various Labels)

    HYLE – Weapons I’ve Earned LP (Various Labels)

    Weapons I’ve Earned is a debut full-length by HYLE, a d-beat/crust punk quartet from Bologna, Italy. Previously, the group published a cassette with three songs named ὕλη and a seven-inch EP called Malakia. The group also stands out for anarchism, anarcho-feminism, antifascism, anti-authoritarian beliefs, and follows the good old DIY ethics. Judging by the cover…

  • Motron – Who’ll Stop The Rain? LP (Various Labels)

    Motron – Who’ll Stop The Rain? LP (Various Labels)

    Motron is a furious crust’n’roll quintet from Varese, Italy consisted of bandmembers previously involved in renowned Italian groups such as Kontatto, Miseria, Campus Sterminii, Pioggia Nera and Devoid Of Thought. The group has been pretty much active since the formation in 2012, with debut demo recording being published in 2013. Three years later, Motron decided…