• Motron – Who’ll Stop The Rain? LP (Various Labels)

    Motron – Who’ll Stop The Rain? LP (Various Labels)

    Motron is a furious crust’n’roll quintet from Varese, Italy consisted of bandmembers previously involved in renowned Italian groups such as Kontatto, Miseria, Campus Sterminii, Pioggia Nera and Devoid Of Thought. The group has been pretty much active since the formation in 2012, with debut demo recording being published in 2013. Three years later, Motron decided…

  • Bombardement – 7″ EP (Various Labels)

    Bombardement – 7″ EP (Various Labels)

    The Bombardement is a highly energetic female-fronted d-beat quintet hailing from Bordeaux, France. It’s been a while since we covered their debut full-length record on our pages, but the band is back with another mindblowing recording. To serve as a reminder, Bombardement also has a decent demo recording, published after their formation in 2016. Considering…

  • Parasit – Samhällets Paria LP (Phobia Records)

    Parasit – Samhällets Paria LP (Phobia Records)

    If you followed our articles in the past couple of months, you probably notice that d-beat / crust punk music has been our weapon of choice. We covered loads of brilliant records within these longevous subgenres, almost right after they hit the underground market. Samhällets Paria by Parasit is one of the latest releases published…

  • Despairer – Unburdened CS EP (Amerikan Aesthetics Records)

    Despairer – Unburdened CS EP (Amerikan Aesthetics Records)

    Despeirer undoubtfully nailed with Unburdened EP, and Amerikan Aesthetics once again proved they’re distributing only top quality music through their channels.

  • AHNA – Crimson Dawn CS (Caligari Records)

    AHNA – Crimson Dawn CS (Caligari Records)

    AHNA is one of the coolest recent findings that once again validates my point about the mindblowing quality of the Vancouver scene. British Columbia has always been home to marvelous bands who’re sincerely into underground music, radical enough to bend genre postulates to accomplish some new musical frontiers. AHNA wander through underground crust punk scene…

  • Zyfilis – Alla Ska Ha LP (Adult Crash Records)

    Zyfilis – Alla Ska Ha LP (Adult Crash Records)

    Everything is uncertain except for the future of the Swedish hardcore punk scene. Amazing new bands are popping out of nowhere and create havoc, leaving nothing behind. Zyfilis is one of these groups that I recently stumble on during my search for some fresh music. The group has been active for a while, but they’ve…

  • Exploatör – Avgrundens Brant LP (Phobia Records / ByeBye Productions)

    Exploatör – Avgrundens Brant LP (Phobia Records / ByeBye Productions)

    There are rumors about this record circling among underground circles. Although I’ve missed the initial release date for a couple of months, this highly anticipated release has already achieved the vinyl of the year status among some scenesters. I’ve received this news with no surprise knowing that musicians surrounding Exploatör have earned previous experience in…

  • Capsaicin – Tales Of Melted Ars LP

    Capsaicin – Tales Of Melted Ars LP

    The Czech Republic crust punk scene always had a special place in my heart, and the number of Czech top-notch punk bands retain as a constant mindblowing fact in my mind. There’s something about these bands that keeps my attention for nearly two decades. Capsaicin is another great crust punk band off the production line,…

  • Fôrakt – S/T CD (Innercity Uprising Records)

    Fôrakt – S/T CD (Innercity Uprising Records)

    This year could easily be one of the fruitful years for a d-beat / crust punk scene. Piles of good bands literally pop up on a daily basis, and the vast majority sounds amazing regarding these particular genres can sometimes be monotone and repetitious. The blackened crust is one of the most popular mutations of…

  • Overcharge – Metalpunx LP (Various Labels)

    Overcharge – Metalpunx LP (Various Labels)

    Overcharge has been pretty much active since its formation in 2012. The determination of this intense Italian rock’n’roll charged d-beat trio resulted in impressive discography, mainly comprised of self-titled promo recording, debut full-length album Accelerate, following recording such as critically acclaimed Speedsick, and Electric Reaper EP. Overcharge traveled a long road since their formation in…

  • Loose Nukes – Cult Leaders LP (Mutant Sounds Records)

    Loose Nukes – Cult Leaders LP (Mutant Sounds Records)

    Despite the situation with the global crisis caused by pandemic, 2020 looks promising for hardcore punk music. You can stumble upon on piles of the great new releases by promising upcoming bands, who are using already proven formula to satisfy the hunger of the tireless underground scene. These kinds of circumstances were always the fertile…

  • Scheme – Scheme CS (Slow Death Records)

    Scheme – Scheme CS (Slow Death Records)

    No matter how hard I tried to dig some more information about this band, these guys somehow kept the details somewhere behind the curtain. The only info I managed to discover about Scheme is that the group consists of the band members previously involved in Phane, Mass Grave, Napalm Raid, and Decontrol. Unlike contemporary trends…